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How to Build Your Own Backyard Swing – Part 1

With my kids rapidly growing, I wanted to either buy them a nice sturdy play swing set to play with. After much research, I found a really nice one at a local swingset dealer, but alas it was priced over $2,700!! I’ve also checked out metal swing sets and others but the ones I wanted […]


How to Repair a Leaky Pancake Air Compressor – Part 2

This is a 2 part article. Part 1 shows you how to identify the replacement part. Part 2 shows you step-by-step instruction to replace the faulty compressor drain valve.   SUMMARY I will show you how I replaced my faulty drain valve on my Porter Cable pancake air compressor (model c2002, type 3*). * Please […]


Flintkote vs Plywood

SUMMARY This article explains the “black stuff”, also known by its trade name, Flintkote, underneath sidings found on houses built around 1950-1970s INFO I have done a lot of housework myself so far so when I rebuilt my entire kitchen (exterior) wall, I was perplexed to find tar-paperish black backboard stuff instead of the usual […]


A Must-Have Spray Can for Your Snowblower

It was a quiet December/Early January in NJ but as we head into February, it seems like we are getting snow every week! In addition to keeping my John Deere Snowthrower in a tip-top shape, what is the one thing that I always have on hand before firing up my snowthrower? Yup, a can of […]


Backyard Ice Rink – Ice Condition February 3

With the overnight temperature hovering around 7 degrees, I decided to stay in my warm bed by justifying (in my head) how the shallow end of the ice would crack if I would add water. As expected, little bit of water I added early last night really did not help. The surface still looked and […]


Backyard Ice Rink – Ice Condition February 2

So far, the ice rink is holding up well in the mid 30 degree weather with kids skating over the weekend. But keeping it skate-able definitely involves serious work commitment: 07:00 – We got about 3 inches of snow overnight but then by 05:00, it started to rain; 09:00 – With temperature in the 40s […]