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Reference Guide – Duromax XP13000eh Dual Fuel Portable Generator

The goal of this guide is to provide you with a single source of information for you to properly maintain your DuroMax XP13000eh Duel fuel portable generator.

Table of Contents

Where to Buy

Extension cords or wire to the main electric panel?

  • Using extension cords in an emergency is fine but you cannot power larger appliances and HVAC equipment this way.
  • It also means you have to leave the entry door slightly open to allow extension cords into your house.
  • In order to run your AC and other devices that draw a lot of electricity, you will want to connect your generator to your main electric panel.
  • If you are interested in this method, you can read how I did it in the article titled, Connecting a Portable Generator to the Home Main Electric Panel.

Duromax Model Naming Convention

DuroMax has a simple naming convention that applies to all its products:

  • First two letters indicate the model/series
  • Digits indicate the model’s maximum output (not throughput)
  • The letter “E” indicates that a particular model has an electric starter (if it does not have this letter designation, it means that particular model has a manual, pull-start mechanism)
  • The letter “H” indicates hybrid or duel fuel (gasoline and propane); if a model does not have the letter “H”, that generator uses gasoline only
  • If you see “HXT” at the end, it means the unit can handle tri-fuel types (gasoline, propane and natural gas)

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What Comes with DuroMax XP13000EH Portable Generator

  • Generator
  • Wheels and handle kit
  • Tool set
  • Spark plug wrench
  • Oil funnel
  • Propane regulator
  • Owner’s manual

You will need to purchase the engine oil on your own; scroll down to the engine oil section and see available options

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Un-packing Tips and Quirky Features

  • Check the battery terminals to make sure that they are correct. Some owners report that negative terminal was disconnected; some say the battery was installed in the wrong direction
  • Actual dimension of the generator (not packing dimension) is 26 inches (height) x 30 inches (width) x 22 inches (depth)
  • Depending on your 50-amp cable, you may NOT have enough clearance so you may have to remove the nearby wheel to plug in your 50-amp cable
  • Propane tank hose is approximately 5 feet long; if you plan on using your generator with a 100lb tank, you will need to purchase a 6 foot propane extension hose
  • Tires are rather cheaply made. You can find a replacement, pneumatic tires that is sized 4.10/3.50-4

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DuroMax XP13000EH Technical Specifications

  • Powered by a 20HP, 4-stroke, 3600rpm, 500cc OHV (Over-Head Valve) engine
    • Engine manuals listed at DuroMax support page are NOT for these portable generators
    • Engine information is engraved along with the serial number on the portable generator’s chasis
  • Runs on gasoline or propane (not natural gas)
  • All metal fuel tank (holds up to 8.3 gallon of gasoline)
  • 12 DVC starter battery
    • 14.5 hour marine battery
    • DuroMax Part # 31110-y9x0110-0000
    • Can use other batteries but a modification to the battery tray will be needed
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)
    • DuroMax Part # 30060-ybc0110-0000
  • Comes with a 5ft long propane hose with regulator
    • If an extension hose is desired, you will need an adaptor that will attach to the regulator on the original hose
    • Your local propane dealer can set you up with an extension hose
  • Long-use Spark plug
    • Part # NGK BPR6ES or Bosch Part # WR6DC
  • Air Filter
    • Oil based foam filter
    • Can make your own
    • Buy a replacement direct from DuroMax (Element # 17151-Z0D0110-0000)
  • Peak, surge power up to 13,000 watts (gasoline) or 12,350 watts (propane)
  • Running power up to 10,500 watts (gasoline) or 9,975 watts (propane)
  • Power panel features two, 120V GFCI outlets, One 120v/30amp NEMA 5-20 outlet, one 120/240v 30amp NEMA L14-30outlet, one 50amp 120/240 NEMA 14-50 outlet
  • Includes an array of breakers to protect your sensitive equipment
  • EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CARB (California Resource Air Board) approved for operations in all 50 US states
  • 3-year Warranty

DuroMax XP13000EH Run-time (approximate)


  • Gasoline, Runtime at 25% load, 17 hours
  • Gasoline, Runtime at 75% load, 8 hours


  • Propane, Runtime at 25% load, 13 hours
  • Propane, Runtime at 75% load, 6 hours

Benefits of Duel Fuel Generators

One primary advantage of having a duel fuel generator is that in emergency when gas supply may be short, you can use an alternate source of energy to power your generator.

Plus, gasoline starts to degrade (i.e. varnish) in as little as 30 days. You can add fuel stabilizer products like Sta-Bil but that will only extend the “freshness” by 6 months or so.

Propane, on the other hand, has a super long shelf-life. Because it is in stored in gaseous state, propane can be stored up to 30 years without performance degradation!

Although propane can last longer and burns much cleaner (i.e. less carbon deposit means less maintenance work), the drawback is that propane is not as energy-dense when compared to gasoline.

Roughly speaking, the BTU (British Thermal Unit) for each gallon of gasoline equates to about 1.36 gallon of BTU in propane.

That means you will need about 6.8 gallon of propane or 1.5 propane tanks (i.e. a standard BBQ propane tank is 20 lbs and will holds approximately 4.6 gallon of propane). For more information on propane tank calculation, please go to Amerigas – Propane Tank Sizes

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Maintenance and Care

DuroMax XP13000EH User’s Guide and Maintenance Guide is here (for PDF, click here)

Based on personal experience, I can tell you that it’s really easy to forget about your generator until you really need it (like the time I had to troubleshoot my Generac Wheelhouse 5550 generator while a massive storm was only 24 hours away).

It does not take that much effort to keep it up on a monthly basis. You paid good money for DuroMax XP13000EH generator so maintain it!

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Replacement Parts

Engine Oil

You can choose conventional or synthetic. I prefer to use conventional oil for first two or three oil changes then use the synthetic oil

Gasoline Stabilizer

Air Filter

Spark Plug

  • TBD

Engine Model

  • DuroMax XP13000EH uses [XP18HP

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Potential Issues


If you have used a can of compressed air, you know how cold it can get if you expel air quickly.

The same freezing effect happens to your propane tank if your generator is running at max load for a long time. This freezing may happen even during warm weather if propane gas is being used at a fast rate.

There are three things you can do to mitigate this issue:

If you want to read more about propane tank sizes and available extension hoses, please read my post Guide to Using Propane For Your Duel Fuel Portable Generator

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How can I contact DuroMax support?
  • Is DuroMax Chinese-owned company?
    • DuroPower company, based on Ontario, California owns the DuroMax brand. All generators are designed and manufactured in China
  • Does DuroMax portable generators with electric starter charge their own battery?
    • Yes, starter batteries are charged while the generator is running
  • What kind of oil is used in a DuroMax portable generator?
    • All DuroMax portable generator can use 30w, 10w-30 or 5w-30 engine oil (depending on climate)
  • How do you change the engine oil on DuroMax portable generators
    • The oil drain bolt removes the oil fill plug drain. The location of this bolt is model specific so please referred to your User Guide (if lost yours, look at the bottom of this post for a PDF link)
  • How often do you need to change the engine oil on DuroMax portable generators?
    • For initial use, the engine oil should be changed 6-8 hours after the initial start to remove any debris inside the engine
    • Afterwards, the engine oil should be changed roughly after 20 hours of use (interval will be 50 hours for XP15000e and XP15000eh models)
  • Can I use a synthetic oil?
    • In general, yes but you should still refer to your user manual
  • What is the primary difference between DuroMax EH vs DuroMax HX generators?
    • Unlike DX and HX series, EH series include an oboard battery charger
  • How often should I recharge by portable generator battery?
  • It does not hard to keep your battery fully charged so to get the longest life, keep it plugged into an outlet as often as possible
  • Is 13,000 watt enough to run a house?
    • If your house is an average size (approx. 2000-3000 sq. ft., and do not have energy intensive workshop devices (i.e. mig welder), yes, 13,000 watt should be sufficient
  • How loud is DuroMax XP13000EH portable genny?
    • At 25% load, this model produces 74 dB which somewhere around the sound of a motorcycle blasting down the road
  • How long can DuroMax XP13000EH run a 5 gallon gasoline?
    • The run time depends on the load, but on average, you can expect anywhere from 6 to 15 hours
  • How long can DuroMax XP13000EH run a 20 pound BBQ propane tank?
    • The run time depends on the load, but on average, you can expect anywhere from 3 to 5 hours
  • How long can DuroMax XP13000EH run a 100 pound propane tank?
    • A 100 pound propane tank holds approximately 23.5 gallons of propane so the average time will be approximately 48 hours at 30-70% load
  • Dose propane go bad in storage?
    • Unlike gasoline, kerosene, diesel and heating oil, propane does not have a shelf life or expiration date
  • Dose DuroMax XP13000EH cooler or hotter with propane?
    • Propane is more efficient so it burns cleaner (and hotter) so it needs enhanced ventilation
  • What is the lowest temperature at which I can use propane for my portable generator>?
    • Propane will start to convert from gas into liquid below -44 degrees Fahrenheit. In order to use propane for your generator below that temperature, you will need to find a way to heat the propane tank
  • Are wheels air-filled tires or rigid plastic?
    • These are made to be “run-flat” from polyurethane material. These tires will ultimately develop flat-spots so in-between uses, place some scrap 2×4 wood blocks under the frame to lift the unit off the tires. Just know that when they fail, you will need some extra hands to move around the generator!

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DuroMax Models by Fuel Source / starter feature

  • XP10000e – 10,000 watt, gasoline, electric-start
  • XP10000eh – 10,000 watt, duel fuel (gasoline, propane), electric-start
  • XP11500eh – 11,500 watt, duel fuel (gasoline, propane) , electric-start
  • XP12000e – 12,000 watt, gasoline, electric-start
  • XP12000eh – 12,000 watt, duel fuel (gasoline, propane), electric-start
  • XP13000e – 13,000 watt, gasoline, electric-start
  • XP13000eh – 13,000 watt, duel fuel (gasoline, propane), electric-start
  • XP15000e – 15,000 watt, gasoline, electric-start
  • XP15000eh – 15,000 watt, duel fuel (gasoline, propane), electric-start

Duromax Models / Manuals

DuroMax’s primary link to their portable generators is here.

If a PDF link is broken or are not working, please contact us at AllThumbsDIY to see if we have a back up copy!

  • DuroMax HX Series
    • XP4850hx – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
    • XP5500hx – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
    • XP10000hx – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
    • XP12000hx – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
    • XP13000hx – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
  • DuroMax IH Series
    • XP2300iH – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
    • XP4500iH – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
    • XP9000iH – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
  • DuroMax HXT Series
    • XP13000hxt – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
  • DuroMax E/EH Series
    • XP4000s – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
    • XP4400e – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
    • XP4850eh – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
    • XP5250eh – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
    • XP5500e – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
    • XP5500eh – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
    • XP8500e – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
    • XP8500eh – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
    • XP10000e – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
    • XP10000eh – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
    • XP11500eh – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
    • XP12000e – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
    • xp12000eh – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
    • XP13000e – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
    • XP13000eh – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
    • XP15000e – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
    • XP15000eh – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
  • DuroMax Canadian Models
    • XP50000ehc – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
    • XP10000ehc – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
  • DuroMax MX Series (discontinued in 2019)
    • MX10000e – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
  • DuroStar Classic Models
    • DS1050 – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
    • DS1500 – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
    • DS4000s – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
    • DS4000wge – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
    • DS4850eh – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
    • DS1100ehf – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
    • DS7000q – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
    • DS4400e – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
    • DS5500eh – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
    • DS10000e – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
    • DS10000eh – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
    • DS12000eh – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
    • DS13000e – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
    • DS13000eh – user manual, PDF (manufacturer link)
  • DuroStar X/DX Series
    • DS13000dx
    • DS13000x
    • DS11000dx
    • DS11000x
    • DS5000dx
    • DS5000x
    • DS4500dx
    • DS4500x

James Tallman

Tuesday 29th of November 2022

Generator will not start on propane, ok on gas , what spark plug should be used for propane,? User's manual very vague, not well written for information on the operation instructions


Thursday 8th of December 2022

Hi James,

There is only one correct spark plug. Part # is: NGK BPR6ES or Bosch Part # WR6DC.

If your genny is running fine on gas, your problem probably has to do with your propane supply. Check your valve and hoses. If trying to start in very cold weather, you will need to warm up your propane tank.