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Toilet Anatomy 101 – When Troubleshooting a Low Toilet Flange



Replacing a wax ring on a toilet isn’t too difficult as long as we know in advance which part needs to be uninstalled. A huge time-sucking event happens when we either don’t have the necessary tools or parts we need and we have to go out on multiple trips to get them.

allthumbsdiy-images-toilet-flange-extender-a012-toilet101-v5-flIf the toilet hasn’t been touched for over 5+ years, we probably should plan on replacing all soft gaskets as they tend to degenerate over time and either will crumble apart or will not provide a tight seal well when put back together.

For this project, we are anticipating to replace these items during our wax ring replacement project:

If you decide against replacing the old gaskets, you should at least buy plumber’s silicone grease and apply it liberally to all dried out gaskets (though we really should replace them rather than using this method).

Toilet Flange

Wrap Up

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