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Should You Buy This 2019 Subaru Crosstrek

I am still searching for a used Subaru Crosstrek and I came across this one at a local dealer.

Right off the bat, I noticed the peeling clear coat and discoloration on the hood. I am thinking the engine overheated at one point, but decide to investigate it further.

Here is the dealer’s listing page:

It has 47k miles but the description does not mention why the hood paint is peeling. Let’s take a look at the Carfax.

I noticed the vehicle has not been regularly maintained and that it has been involved in a “moderate damage with another vehicle”.

I ultimately decided against even test driving this vehicle and here are my reasons:

  • It does not look like a minor damage to me. Just look at the damage location diagram. The damage was about 50% of the car and it was towed!
  • Even with a poor paint job, that paint peeling is highly location specific. I tended to believe that it was due to some type of engine overheating and troubleshooting and possibly replacing an engine is an expensive job (around $4k depending on where you live)

Lastly, I have no idea where Carfax derives it’s vehicle value (which allows a dealer to game the pricing label as being fair, good or excellent).

When in doubt, pretend that you are going to sell the vehicle with Carvana, Carmax and KBB and establish a baseline value then go from there.

I know the used car market is short on supply but I don’t want to buy someone’s headache and moneypit.

Whether you are buying a used car from an individual, used car dealer, new car dealer or from a Subaru dealer, do your research so you don’t get ripped off!