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Backyard Ice Rink Update – 3 days of 40+ degree weather


3 days of warm days have done some major damage to my backyard ice rink 🙁

It was holding up okay until the third day when it reached 46 degrees, turning 1/2 inch surface of ice into a giant 7-11 slushy drink.

I attempted to scrape off the top but the ice was too soft and started to collapse in thin spots, so I stopped.

allthumbsdiy-backyard-ice-rink-patching-flThankfully the next 3 days were back into the single digits so with daily spraying, I was able to restore most of the surface into a skatable ice by breaking any loose ice parts first, push as much water underneath the ice, then using snow as a patching mix.

I am actually faced with minus temperatures next 2 days (with heavy wind) so I won’t be able to spray out of fear that it would freeze my hose and hose bib.

Kids had another wonderful time skating for over 2 hours yesterday so although it is a lot of maintenance work, this project has received many thumbs up from my family!