John Deere 1330se Snowblower – Wiring Harness for the Auger Group


I created this wiring diagram for the auger group due to the fact that John Deere never published a service manual for my John Deere 1330se snowblower.

Although this is *not* a wiring schematic, all connections shown are from a fully working 1330se, meaning all electrical devices like lights, deflector / chute motors and heated grip connections are accurate.

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10 thoughts on “John Deere 1330se Snowblower – Wiring Harness for the Auger Group”

  1. Checking out your diagram (thanks because it is the only one I can find) just trying to figure out where the yellow wire from the starter that turns to black ends up.. I can trace the wire from the ignition to the stator but not where the starter black wire would end up. Having some issues with mice and that black wire not being connected to anything at this point..

  2. It would be the wire that comes off the voltage regulator as yellow, then a green connector.. then turns to black and heads up behind the electric start plug in?

  3. Trying to find the electric snap connector part between the chute motor and the control arm wiring harness (white connector). My old chute motor and the integrated 90 deg connector that terminated right at the chute motor. Any ideas? Thanks

  4. @ Simon-

    I believe they are called pin & socket connectors. I don’t believe you can purchase OEM parts.

    You can probably use something like this one as substitute. If you buy something else, just make sure it is waterproof.


  5. Do you know if there is a fuse in the wiring harness somewhere? I get power coming from black wire coming from stator and power coming out of regulator but the lights and all electric controls do not function

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