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John Deere 1330SE Walk-behind Snowthrower – Reference Page 1


I wrote a 2-part post to basically keep track of the maintenance, specs and other pertinent information for my John Deere 1330se dual-stage snowblower /snowthrower in one spot. This is part 1 to cover some basic information pertaining to my JD 1330se snowthrower.

If you arrived on this via search engine, click here to visit my John Deere 1330se Snowthrower Resource page

Make sure to click on the Maintenance link below to get a quick overview of the items you will need to keep this awesome blower in tip-top shape.

Similar Models

John Deere actually never produced 1330se snowblowers. It was a re-badged Simplicity L1730e model with few minor differences. Murray brand also re-badged this identical Simplicity model and sold it under their brand. What this means is that when certain parts are hard to find under JD brand, you can check other brands as well.

Desc John Deere Murray Simplicity
Model# 1330se 1330se L1630e
Item # LP25939 LP37058 L1630e
Mfg. Model # 1695812 1696044;   1695812
Auger TBD 2988550 2988432 2988503
Auger Housing TBD 2989644 2988434_2988533_2988510
Chute & Rotation TBD 2989646 2988436_2988533_2988515
Engine Briggs and Stratton 20m314-0118-e1 NA NA
Engine/Frame/15.5TP TBD 2989647 2988524_2988687
Gear Case Assembly TBD 1732303 1732303
Handles/Controls TBD 2989648 2988395_2988435
Traction TBD 2988216_revA 2988406
Wheels/Tires TBD 2988553 2988442_2988507_2988535

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Drive System
Drive  Friction Disc-Drive
Forward Speeds  6 forward
Reverse Speeds  2 reverse
Tire Type  X-trac
Tire Size  16″ x 6.5″ (41×17 cm)
Skid Shoes  Heat Treated / Reversible
In-Dash Headlights  Halogen
Heated Handles  Heated hand grips
Weight  260.0 lbs
Consumer Warranty  2-Yr Limited
Commercial Warranty  90-Day Limited
Material  Steel
Chute Rotation  Quick-Turn remote
Turning Radius  200, Push Button
Max Throwing Distance  40 feet (12.19 meters)
Diameter  16 (41cm)
Profile  Steel 3-Blade
Clearing Width  30″ (76.2 cm)
Clearing Height  21″ (53.3 cm)
Material  Cast Iron
Brand  Briggs & Stratton
Type  2 stage
Horsepower  342 cc OHV 1550 series
Starting System  110V Electric/Recoil w/Large Mitten Grip
Fuel Tank  4qt (3.8L)

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Wrap Up

My Part 2 Reference post will cover maintenance related issues as well as 2 sets of wiring diagrams which will be handy when troubleshooting the electrical system.

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Thanks and good luck with your John Deere 1330se snowthrower!

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David Aldrich

Saturday 4th of December 2021

I've been trying to find the headlamp replacement for my John Deere 1330se walk behind snow thrower. my left lamp had a bad connection on the element. now, it won't light. If it's made by Sylvania, could I get that number or the John Deere replacement number?

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