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How to install IKEA KVART Lamp and Light Bulbs


We purchased two IKEA KVART lamps to be used as desk lamps for our kids’ rooms.

This lamp can be mounted either on the wall, or as a clamp on the desk. We opted to mount on a wall for three reasons:

  • Reduce the clutter and provide maximum working space on the desk
  • The “goose neck” is rather short (12 inches) so we felt it was not high enough to provide adequate lighting on the desk
  • For our daugther, who has her bed next to the desk, we thought it might be a good light source as she loves to read in her bed


Apparently IKEA designed KVART lamps for different countries without properly labeling it.

That means lamps with identical labels have different light bulb bases. The majority of US lamps should have a label that states the use E17 (intermediate) base. If you have a different type, you can purchase adapters as some E12 and E17 bulbs are very difficult to find (or expensive)./


There are too many light bulb variations but for the sake of simplicity and safety, we will stick with E17 light bulbs.


  • Phillps screwdriver
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Hammer (or do what I did, which is to use screwdriver handle as a hammer -mine is heavy and made of metal)


  • STEP # 1 – Locate where you want the lamp to be; please note that goose neck is rather short. In addition, the neck material is not that stiff so it tends to sag so I would make the lamp higher to account for the fact that the head of the lamp will be low;
  • STEP # 2 – Unscrew the metal bracket from the plastic base and put it against the wall; take a pencil and mark off two holes;
  • STEP # 3 – You may encounter a wall stud for your specific location. In that case, you will only need to install an anchor where there is no stud. In my case, I had to install two
  • STEP # 4 – Take your Phillips screw driver and gently stab the pencil location. Gently push in the screwdriver tip as you turn it clockwise and counter-clockwise until the screwdriver punctures through the drywall;
  • STEP # 5 – Tap in the wall anchors and turn clockwise to secure the them to the drywall;
  • STEP # 6 – Turn the screws counter-clockwise 1.5 turns;
  • STEP # 7 – Slide and hook the IKEA metal bracket on to the screws;
  • STEP # 8 – Install the plastic base housing
  • STEP # 9 – Remove a single screw from the base of the goose neck;
  • STEP # 10 – Attach the base housing to the goose neck
  • STEP # 11 – Install the base housing to the wall bracket;
  • STEP # 12 – Install the plastic base housing
  • STEP # 13 – Remove a single screw from the base of the goose neck;
  • STEP # 14 – Attach the base housing to the goose neck
  • STEP # 15 – Attach assembled base to the wall
  • STEP # 16 – Install E17 intermediate base R14 light bulb
  • STEP # 16 – Attach Cord clips as desired

    IKEA KVART lamp is a very well made lamp. Because E17 intermediate base light bulb is somewhat pricey and difficult to find, you may want to consider purchasing an adapter or buy bulbs in bulk.

    allthumbsdiy-small-appliances-lamp-bulb-e17-e26-adapter-fl allthumbsdiy-small-appliances-lamp-bulb-e17-r14-chichin-3pack-fl

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