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Converting to Non-OEM Headlights on John Deere 1330SE Snow Blower


This article is a follow up from my previous post titled, Troubleshooting a Broken Headlight on John Deere 1330SE Snow Blower, where I replaced my faulty headlight bulbs on my John Deere snow blower.

Specifically, a reader left a note about replacing his OEM bulbs with a BA15s 1156 G18 parking light model from RCTTCO.

Quick Summary: As of Jan 2018, stick with the OEM halogen bulbs. Most non-OEM LED bulbs (generic industry description is BA15s 1156) in the current market are either too long or not designed to operate in an enclosed environment.

To boot, some LED bulb specs on Amazon are apparently incorrect as there are many people complaining about fire / melting issues. A regular BA15s 1156 G8 style bulbs, which are used for parking lights, backup lights, etc., are NOT bright enough to be used as headlights

Since I knew next to nothing about these kinds of replacement bulbs, I wanted to research and learn more about them.

If you arrived on this page via search engine, click here to visit my John Deere 1330se Snowthrower Resource page


Identify a suitable “Bayonet” style, Halogen and LED light bulbs to replace John Deere 1330se OEM bulbs (made by Briggs & Stratton, Part # 1739689YP).


Replacement parts mentioned in this article should be applicable to these snowblower brands/models:

  • John Deere 1028E, 1330se, 1332pe, 1338pe
  • Simplicity L1730e
  • Murray 1330se
  • Snapper S922EX
  • Other brands made by Briggs & Stratton

OEM Light Bulb

The original light bulb’s specification is fairly light but this is what we know:

  • Made by Briggs & Stratton
  • Part # 1739689YP
  • 12 volts, 20 watts
  • Push-and-twist base
  • Halogen
  • Lumens: ???
  • Enclosure: Sealed
  • Maximum Overall Length (MOL): 1.75″ or 44.45 mm

Halogen bulbs are an advanced form of the well-known incandescent bulb. They have a tungsten filament similar to the standard incandescent bulb, however the lamp is much smaller for the same wattage and contains a halogen gas in the bulb. The halogen bulb uses stronger glass than standard incandescent bulbs in order to contain the high pressure. The halogen bulb has a compact size and high lumen output.

Halogen bulbs provide a great light output, but they can be tricky for a number of reasons. First of all, they tend to burn hot and do not have such a great life span. You have to use care not to touch the bulb as oil from your fingers can cause a halogen bulb to have an even shorter lifespan or burn out immediately, or even melt.

As they age the vacuum that the bulb filament resides in to protect the filament from melting or burning out slowly escapes and no longer protects the filament. As it escapes the filament becomes brighter and brighter until It melts or burns out .

Light Bulb Basics

The push-and-twist style mini bulbs are known as the Bayonet bulbs. Although they look quite simple, it’s actually bit more complicated.

The term bayonet comes from a plunge-and-twist knife used in World War I & II conflicts where a knife (“bayonet”) is attached to a rile stock. A bayonet bulb uses the same push-and-twist mechanism to install into a socket.

Bulb Naming Convention

Bayonet bases are usually abbreviated BA with a number+letter. For example, BA15s indicates Bayonet base, 15mm in diameter of the base and single contact at the bottom of the base.

To make it bit more confusing, BA15s can also be referenced as:

  • Bulb Style / Trade # 1156 (Generic bulb reference used in Auto parts store; The 1156 bulb has one contact and the 1157 bulb has two contacts. 1156 for running lights, 1157 for brake and turn.)
  • International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) # 7004-11A
  • German Institute for Standardization (DIN) # 49720

Base Contact Points

You may have seen mini bulbs with single or double contact points on the bottom. Double contacts are used when the bulb has to draw more power.

In our case, we need to look for a single contact bulb (12v, 20w)

remember to check your socket polarity if the bulb does not work. It is possible that your socket has negative center and positive body. LED lights only work with current going in one direction. A volt meter will tell you instantly

Pin / Lug Offset

Pins / lugs are used as locking mechanisms to hold down the bulb. Depending on the model, pin/lug locations vary. We need a BA15s bulb.

LED vs Halogen Light bulbs

The halogen bulb used is in a sealed enclosure, which most LED bulbs are not designed for. For example, SATCO S9222 bulb (specs here) looks like a good candidate but it says the bulb is not approved in an enclosed environment.

incandescent bulb (watts) Lumens LED Bulb (watts)
7 27 0.75
10 80 1.5
15 120 2-3
25 180 2-3

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Perhaps in the near future, additional manufacturers will produce a working LED bulb that can be used in John Deere 1330se. Until then, I would recommend against upgrading the bulb from halogen to LED.

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Thanks and good luck with your snow thrower!

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