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Repairing GE dishwasher (PDW9200N00BB)

If you read my other entries, you know that I went through much aggration and frustration dealing with appliance repairmen, trying to get my dishwasher fixed. At the end of the day, I determined that it was faster, cheaper and most importantly, done right the first time if I DID THE REPAIR MYSELF!

So for 1.7 year old dishwasher, I had the following problems:

  • This particular dishwasher came with “smart dispense” feature where you poured dish detergent enough to last about a month. Well, I noticed one day that soap kept on leaking out of the soap dispense port hole, makeing clean dishes smell like soap
  • The rubber gasket around the door was starting to fray, possibly leaking water
  • My model had an electronic touch control pad; it has 2 keys to go up and down and select a dishwashing cycle; one day, the “up” key stopped working
  • Utensil basket started to break down

Smart Dispense “leak”

Step 1.1 – What is that smell?

Sounds familiar? It happened to me one day after washing dishes. Grabbing few dinner plates, I noticed a strong detergent order coming from inside the dishwasher. Strange, as the rinse cycle should have washed out all traces of the detergent. Being a guy, I blow it off and I walked away. A day later, my wife complained about the problem and told me that that was a small pool of detergent on the bottom of the dishwasher (hey what can I say, she is more observant than I) so started to research this particular problem on the internet.

Step 1.2 – Problems? What problems?

Although very convenient, GE’ Smart Dispense feature apparently has many problems, with lots of complaints/problems related to its soap dispensing detergent asm (GE part # WD12X10209).

Find your part:

The main problem that everyone seems to have is that the dishwasher detergent continues to leak out of the dispensing port hole after the wash cycle has been completed. This of course, results in clean dishes smelling like dish detergent, which leads to anothe rinsing, another smell, etc.. you get the idea.


Step 1.3 – Buy a replacement part

Replacing the pump is rather simple. Tough part is finding one without waiting 4-6 weeks. Of course if you don’t care about the money (in that case, send me some!), you can always order direct from GE ( and get it fast but just remember, you are paying pull retail price. My better solution is to go with (Appliance parts online, right part, best price and fast shipping.) They have a large inventory stock and even if it says special order, I ususally receive the item within a week or two.

Step 2.1 – Problems? What problems?

Rubber Gasket (coming soon)

Place holder:

  • TBD

Electronic Touch Control Pad (coming soon)

Place holder:

Utensil Basket (coming soon)

Place Holder