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How to Un-install or Remove a Dishwasher

Removing or un-installing an old dishwasher is not that difficult, as long as you have the proper tools, common sense and patience.



Adjustable wrench, adjustable pliers, screwdrivers (flat and Philips)

Are you completely getting rid or replacing your dishwasher? If you are replacing, read THIS ARTICLE to make sure you have all parts and tools necessary to install your dishwasher. Unless you like handwashing dirty dishes, make sure you have all required parts (sometimes I buy extra parts).


  1. Locate the main electric panel and turn off the circuit breaker that supplies electricity to the dishwasher. Place a RED TAPE over the breaker so that no one will accidentally turn the electricity back on while your are working
  2. Remove the dishwasher door (the exact steps is brand/model specific so do a quick internet search)
  3. Most dishwashers will have a removable panel on the front bottom (a.k.a. toekick panel) to access the water shutoff valve and electrical connections. Find and remove the panel
  4. Shutoff the water valve. Depending on the mineral content of your water, closing the valve may require an extra elbow grease to break through the crust. My shutoff valve was located under the sink and it was gummed up pretty bad and took awhile to shut the water off. Also, instead of trying to salvage supply line, I just cut off the 3/8” copper tube to make my life easier (I was going to replace it with a braided flexible hose later). If you do decide to cut, make sure to have some towels around to catch whatever amount of water that is in the tube.
  5. Attempt to start the dishwasher to make sure that there is no electricity and water. Why do this step? Because I made the mistake of turning off the wrong circuit breaker and almost got shocked!
    Disconnect the waste pipe (again, have some towels to catch the waste water)
  6. Remove the small electrical cover panel and carefully disconnect the electrical wire. Depending on the model of your old dishwasher (and how it was installed), it may have a regular power cord that gets plugged into an outlet. When in double, you’re your users’ manual and read!
  7. You need to absolutely make sure that the supply electrical wire is disconnected before trying to remove the dishwasher. Otherwise, you may damage the wiring which will cause more headaches later.
    Now all the plumbing and wiring are disconnected, we need to remove any screws that are fastened to the adjoining cabinet frame and/or counter. You most likely will see a round rubber plugs so using a utility knife, gently pry off to access the screw heads.
  8. If your existing floor is preventing your old dishwasher from sliding out, all you have to do is retract the front two legs (turn counter-clockwise to shorten those legs), then use a pry bar (I use and recommend Stanley Wonderbar 12″ – Stanley 55-045 7-1/2-Inch Wonder Bar II Pry Bar to lift the front of the dishwasher slightly then pull it out

Project Pictures


Wrapping Up

Although these steps seem like a lot, it really is not too bad. There are some good YouTube videos about this topic so look around. However, like anything in the wild wild west YouTube, there are some REALLY BAD videos as well so please use your common sense. If a person in the YouTube video is yanking on the dishwasher and sparks are flying, you know that SHOULD NOT be happening.

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