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Product Review – Lifetime Deck Storage Box

AllThumbsDIY - Review Lifetime Extra Large Deck Box

If you have kids, a large deck box is one of those must things to have for your deck.

A well-designed, water-resistant deck boxes can store things like seat cushions and outdoor playthings to keep everything tidy.

I have purchased and written 3 deck box review articles – Rubbermaid XL Deck Box, Lifetime Extra Large Deck box (you are here) and Suncast Extra Large Wicker Resin Deck Box (134 gal.).
TLDR; (too long did not read); My quick recommendation? Buy a Lifetime 60012 Extra Large Deck Box for superior construction, parts and warranty.
Please note that the model number of the Lifetime deck box I reviewed is model # 60040 (light colored lid). Thank you to JC for pointing this out! I would have preferred a dark colored lid but that was not available at the time of purchase. Amazon has something like 1400 reviews for the darker lid vs 15 reviews for the light colored lid.


  • PROS:
    • sturdy construction
    • gas piston assisted lid opening and closing to minimize injuring a child
    • opens greater than 90 degrees
    • molded handles (no sharp edges)
  • CONS:
    • ball stud / nut assembly might become loose so it needs to be checked often


This particular extra large deck box ships in a flat box that weighs around 60 pounds. It can hold roughly 17.4 cubic feet or 130 gallons worth of stuff so it is BIG.


When assembled, the Lifetime deck box is 26.5″ high, 24″ deep and 60″ wide. The lid has a honeycomb design + metal reinforcement bar underneath so it can act as temporary seats for 2 or 3 children.

This Lifetime deck box comes in two different models with Model #60012 having a tan/beige lid versus Model #60040 having a green lid. For all models, the sides are light beige/tan and the bottom comes in black.

Much life other deck boxes, the material used is high density polyethylene (HDPE) which is very durable and weather resistant (I live in New Jersey so it goes through hot and cold extremes).

It comes with a super-long 10 year warranty and to boot, this Lifetime box is made in USA (awesome!)



We needed 2 deck boxes or storage boxes (UPDATE: We now have 3 deck boxes. Click HERE to find out why).  One to store out kids’ sand box toys and other “stuff” and another deck box to store our outdoor chair cushions.

Instead of buying two identical boxes, I decided to buy 2 different but highly rated boxes for comparison.  For Rubbermaid deck box review, click here.

After taking the parts out of the box, it took about 30 minutes to assemble the unit.  It took longer than assembling the Rubbermaid deck box but that was due to assembling metal hinges and corner brackets for the Lifetime deck box.

Much like the Rubbermaid deck box, the bottom of the unit has a raised “lip” to prevent water seeping into the storage area.

Life Time – Deck Box bottom

Contrary to the Rubbermaid unit, slots used by the side walls were all knocked out for easy installation, making everything easy peasy.

Life Time – Deck box, installing walls

When it came to installing corner brackets, I thought I had to pre-drill hole before installing screws because the screw tips were blunt but as it turned out that was not necessary.

Life Time – Deck box, corner bracket screws
Life Time – Deck Box, corner bracket assembly

TIP # 1: If you are going to use a cordless drill like I did, make sure to set the torque setting low; you do not want to over tighten the screws and end up stripping off or breaking the plastic.

Life Time – Deck Box, attaching a hinge

TIP # 2: each lid hinges are secured by a pair of ball stud / nut assembly.  Because this assembly did not include locking washers, some nuts might eventually come loose.  Just buy a small tube of Henkel 01-24200 Loctite 6-ml Threadlocker 242 to eliminate this potential problem.  If you have already installed these hinges and don’t want to take them apart, use Henkel Corp 233722 Loctite Green Threadlocker to lock the nuts in-place.

I do not recommend using an Loctite Red 6-ml Permanent Threadlocker 271 as it is permanent.

Wrapping Up

Bottom line? I highly recommend a Lifetime deck box vs. Rubbermaid deck boxes (you can read more about my Rubbermaid Extra Large Deck box here; You can also read about my issues with it about a year later TBD).

Well, I hope you found this article to be useful for your DIY project and sign up for my newsletter. The signup form is found on the upper right hand corner of your screen.

Thanks and good luck!


Tuesday 25th of April 2017

Hi, Kevin:

So grateful for all your input! Please keep on keeping on!

I hope you won't be offended if I offer a small correction (to keep people from ordering the wrong model #). The Lifetime 60040 has the light-colored lid; the 60012 has the dark lid (please see links below).

The color names on the website are confusing, so, just to be sure, I called Lifetime to verify that the pictures and model numbers were accurate. Also, if you do a google search for the 2 different model numbers, all the resulting web pages also show 60040 to be the light lid and 60012 to be the dark lid.

Thanks again for the useful review(s). Really helped me decide (I'm getting the Lifetime 60040).



Wednesday 26th of April 2017

@ JC-

Thank you very much for pointing it out. I have updated the post as you suggested.

Have a wonderful day!



Friday 21st of June 2013

Hi! Thanks for your reviews! So after some time, which box do you like better? We also need 2: one for deck cushions and one for kids toys. I'm wondering if I should get one BIG one for cushions and 2 smaller ones for the kids toys (maybe smaller ones are easier for the kids to access on their own). I would love your thoughts and general input on how Rubbermaid vs. LifeTime since your initial reviews. Thanks! Julie


Friday 21st of June 2013


Hi there-

Thanks for your question. After my article was posted, Rubbermaid unfortunately developed some warping issues which allowed rain to get in (Rubbermaid did issue me a full refund after examining my photos).

My overall impression is still valid today: Lifetime deck box is far superior to Rubbermaid, mainly due to:

Lifetime having dimpled and honeycomb construction which makes panels very rigid Lifetime included a pair of support shocks which prevents "lid slamming" injuries, especially to young children Lifetime did not warp, maintaining watertight seal

Regarding your size question, I have no trouble storing 10 seat cushions + chaise cushion in my 130 gallon deck box (I am not sure if there are larger sizes?). My children's toys are stored in a Lifetime deck box (got to love those support shocks to keep the lid open) because it came with a mesh wire shelving which makes it easy for them access their favorite toys.

Just keep in mind that smaller deck boxes I've looked at all had the same height (but shorter widths) so ease of access might still be an issue for your children.

Let me know if you have any other questions!