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Woodpecker is now attacking my trim pieces


After installing my CD devices (you can read more about it here), I hurriedly patched up holes using caulking before a thunderstorm.

What I am finding out about these woodpeckers is that they are SUPER SMART and to my dismay, SUPER DESTRUCTIVE.

Instead of moving on to a different house, these woodpeckers simply moved to the side where I have not installed my CD devices. Just look at this damage done during 2 short days:

Because of the proximity to prior holes, I thought I had bug issues but when I closely examined the newly create hole, I found it to be in very good, solid condition.

I have been holding off getting the house painted because of these woodpeckers so I really have to find some permanent solutions soon.

I am hoping to build couple of woodpecker houses in about a week or two so let’s hope that works.


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