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How I Conquered My Broken Bosch Dishwasher by Replacing the Broken Circulating Pump

With young children, our appliances work very hard pretty much every single day, whether it is washer, dryer or dishwasher.

So it wasn’t a total surprise to find myself dishwasher not working one day. It started with a small pool of water after making some squeaking funny noises after the cycle was complete. Then the pool got larger and larger until eventually, the dishwasher was humming but not washing (soap was unused).


Dishwasher circulation pump impeller and seal kit. Poor washing, leaking and noise during operation are all indications of a circulation pump problem.
If the dishwasher does not wash properly then the wash impeller could be worn or the motor could be defective.


After rudimentary checking to make sure that the sprayer arm was working properly, and that water was turned on, I quickly isolated the problem to be with my circulation pump.

Circulation pump is responsible for sloshing water inside the dishwasher at varying speed and direction.


Until you take apart the circulation pump assembly, you will NOT know if you can just refurbish the existing pump with new parts (~$100) or need to replace the whole thing (~$220).

Because this vendor offers 365-day return policy (you do have to pay a nominal return shipping) but take it from me and buy both to save you time and aggravation. You can return what you don’t use after the project is complete

I do all my parts purchasing at because I find it to have the most complete inventory and they deliver fast.

When searching for items based on a specific brand/mode, MAKE SURE THAT CORRESPONDING SEARCH RESULTS SAY IT’S AN EXACT MATCH.

For my Bosch Integra Dishwasher (Model SHX45P06UC/64), you will need these parts:

DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT purchase OEM Part # 00239144 found here. This part WILL NOT WORK on Bosch SHX45P06UC/64. This part comes up when searching for SHX45P06UC/64 and the website does a poor job of telling you that it is NOT an exact match.


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