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GE Profile PFCF1NFW Refrigerator Parts


Table of Contents

Applicable Models

Parts listed in this article are specifically approved for the following models:

  • PFCF1NFWWW – White
  • PFCF1NFWBB – Black
  • PFCF1NFWSS – Stainless Steel

Some parts may also be used in these GE refrigerator models:


For details on what these model designations mean, please refer to the “Model Naming Format” section in my Complete Reference Guide to GE Profile PFCF1NFW Refrigerator post.

Key Component Locations

Tip on THERMISTORS (Temperature Sensors)
Thermistors are made up of metallic oxides combined with binders and stabilizers pressed into various shapes. The precise ratio of the combined materials dictate their resistance and temperature curve.

It is important to note that thermistors rarely, if ever, fail completely. Instead their resistance parameters may degrade over time. This degradation at -15F holds true especially for cheap counterfeits (difficult to test at this temperature)

The purpose of this section is to show you some key refrigerator and freezer components. For specific parts, please refer to each compartment sections

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Diagram #Part #DescriptionAvailability
10Single Connector
11Single Connector
12Single Connector
13Single Connector
14Single Connector
15Single Connector
16Single Connector to ice maker
17Single Connector to water valve
18Single Connector to water valve
19Valve, Ice-Maker
20Single Connector to condenser fan
21Condenser Fan
22Computer power Cord
23Single Connector to Evaporator Fan
24Single Connector to temp. display
25Single Connector
26Single Connector
27Single Connector to lights
40Lights, FF
41Door Switch, FF
42Light, FZ
43Door Switch, FZ
44Door Switch, FF
60Sensor, FF
61Sensor, ambient
62Sensor, FZ
63Sensor, Evaporator
65Sensor, Defrost temperature
70Air Tower ASM, damper (cannot not purchase damper by itself)
71Main PCB
72Defrost Heater

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Refrigerator Door Parts

Check the availability column for the refrigerator door part prices and availability. If there is no link next to your part number, please visit the store and search for your refrigerator door parts

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149-60489-tttPm Guide, Owners
131-51705-tttPm Mini Manual wiring
11WR78X11928-tttDoor Foam ASM, FZ Bowed
11WR78X12008-tttDoor Foam ASM, FZ Bowed
12-aWR14X10330Gasket, Freezer DoorCheck
12-bWR14X10232Gasket (not avail; see 12-a)
12-cWR01L02087Gasket (not avail; see 12-a)
13WR12X10859Handle ASM, FZ
13WR12X10846Handle ASM, FZ
14WR01X10680Screw Fastener for Steel Stainless Handles
15-aWR02X12361Cam Closure, FZ, RH
15-bWR02X12408Cam Closure, FZ, RH
16-aWR02X12362Cam Closure, FZ, LH
16-bWR02X12409Cam Closure, FZ, LH
17-aWR01X10611Screw, 10-16
17-bWR01X10682Screw, 10-16 (not avail; see 17-a)
18WR02X12356Connector Door
19WR02X12357Connector Door
20WR01X10682Screw, 1/4-10, PL HEX 3/4S
27WR17X12249Slide ASM, RH
28WR17X2250Slide ASM, LH
29-aWR21X10218Basket Holder, LH
29-bWR21X10141Basket Holder, LH (not avail; see 29-a)
30WR21X10139Basket, Lower, FZ
32-aWR78X12007Door Foam ASM FR BW RH
32-bWR78X12010Door Foam ASM FR BW RH (not avail; see 32-a)
33-aWR78X12006Door Doam ASM FR BW LH
33-bWR78X12009Door Doam ASM FR BW LH (not avail; see 33-a)
35-aWR14X10237Gasket, French Door with FlapCheck
35-bWR01L02133Door Gasket w Flap, Black (not avail; see 35-a)
36-aWR12X10847Handle FF ASM
36-bWR01L02373Handle FF ASM (not avail; see 36-a)
37WR01X10681Fastener Handle SS
38-aWR02X12407Stop Door BM
38-bWR02X12410Stop Door BM (not avail; see 38-a)
39WR04X10161Name plate Badge
40WR02X10582Door Bin Snugger Module
41-aWR02X12363Thimble Door FF
41-bWR02X12411Thimble Door FF
42-aWR02X12359Cam FF Closure RH
42-bWR02X12412Cam FF Closure RH
43-bWR02X12413Cam FF Closure LH (not avail; see 43-a)
43-aWR02X12360Cam FF Closure LH
44WR02X12364Door, Dairy, Clear
45WR71X10738Compartment Dairy
46WR17X12271Beverage Rack
47-aWR71X10739Module Shelf FF ASM
47-bWR01L02871Door Shelf Bin FF (not avail; see 47-a)
49WR02X12022Lever Lock Handle
50-aWR71X10872Module Shelf FF Fixed
50WR71X10743Module Shelf FF Fixed (not avail; see 50-a)
53-aWR21X10142Basket Holder
53-bWR21X10142Basket Holder (not avail; see 53-a)
58WR01X10885Screw 1/4-20 Rt Flat 3/4S
66-aWR17X12753Articulation Mullion ASM
66-bWR17X12302Articulation Mullion ASM (not avail; see 66-a)
67-bWR02X12473Bumper French Door (not avail; see 67-a)
67-aWR02X12469Bumper French Door
155WR02X10643Bracket Handle Lock
873WR02X12733Sleeve Bracket

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Fresh Food Shelves and Drawers

Check the availability column for the fresh food shelves and drawers part prices and availability. If there is no link next to your part number, please visit the store and search for your fresh food shelves and drawers component

Item #Part #DescriptionAvailability
2WR72X10281Slide & Bracket ASM
3WR72X10282Slide & Bracket ASM
51WR72X10219Slide Liner
81WR32X10603Cover Bottom Veg Pan
82WR17X12243Bar Reinforcement
83WR72X10216Metal Slide ASM
84WR72X10217Metal Slide ASM
85WR17X12241Slide Control Vp, RH
86WR17X12244Slide Control Vp, LH
87WR14X10214Gasket Pan Cvr Front
88-aWR01X10649Screw, 8-10 PL PNP 1/2 S
88-bWR01X10221Scr 8-10 PL PNP 1/2 S (not avail; see 88-a)
89WR14X10215Gasket Pan Veg Frame
90WR32X10605Cover Top Veg Pan
91WR09X10156Damper Vp
92WR09X10157Damper Vp
94WR72X10218Frame, Pan Meat
95WR02X12372Linkage Bar Meat Pan 21
96WR17X12245Slide Control Meat Pan
97WR32X10606Glass Crisper Cover
98WR17X12246Damper, Meat Pan
99WR14X10217Gasket Frame Meat Side
100WR14X10218Gasket Frame Meat Side
101WR14X10219Gasket Inlet Meat Pan
102WR02X12373Support Veg Pan ASM
103WR32X10608Pan Veg Rear, RH
104WR32X10607Pan Veg Front, RH
105WR17X12272Handle Pan Veg, RH
106WR72X10220Slide Pan ASM
107WR72X10221Slide Pan ASM
108WR32X10610Pan Veg Rear, LH
109WR32X10609Pan Veg Front, LH
110WR17X12273Handle Pan Veg, LH
113WR71X10744Shelf ASM Slideout
114WR71X10745Shelf ASM Tuckaway
115WR32X10611Pan Meat
116WR17X12256Handle Pan Meat
117WR38X10398Trim Bottom Pan Meat
118WR02X12379Divider Pan
122WR17X12257Cover Flip Lid
129WR14X10216Gasket Pan Veg Frame
131WR72X10236Track Side, FF
132WR72X10235Track Center, FF

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Fresh Food Components

Check the availability column for the fresh food component prices and availability. If there is no link next to your part number, please visit the store and search for your fresh food components

Diagram #Part#DescriptionAvailability
214WR01X10212Nut 8-32
216WR01X12260Cover, Air Tower, FF
217WR01X12261EPS Air Tower, FF
218WR01X12262EPS Air Tower, Back
219-aWR17X12456Damper ASM, motorized (not avail; see 251)
219-bWR60X10239Damper ASM, motorized (not avail; see 219-a)
220WR14X10227Gasket, Fresh Food Inlet
221WR14X10228Gasket, Tower FF
222WR14X10229Gasket, Air Tower, FF
223WR02X10668Cover, Thermistor Shunt
224WR02X10647Grille Sensor
227-bWR02X12289Lamp (not avail; see 227-a)
229WR17X12264Shield, Light, FF
232-aWR2X9391Socket & Terminal AS
232-bWR01F01775Socket & Terminal (not avail; see 232-a)
235-aWR17X12755Vent Duct, Vertical
235-bWR17X12265Vent Duct, Vertical (not avail; see 235-a)
236WR17X12266EPS Vent Duct Vertical
240WR02X12387Reflector, FF
242WR32X10612Cover, Top
251WR17X12456Air Tower ASMCheck
263WR17X12300Cover, Filter Up
264-aGSWFSmartwater Refrigerator Water Filter
264-bWG03F00675Smartwater Refrigerator Water Filter (not avail; see 264-a)
268-aWR55X10025Sensor, temperature (thermistor)Check
268-bWR55X10711Sensor, temperature (not avail; see 268-a)
270WR17X12301Filter And Tube ASM
271WR02X11613Cap, Filter Bypass
272WR17X12299Cover, Filter Lower Asm
331WR23X10661Harness Fresh Food Control & Light
421WR55X10689Control ASM
424WR55X10684Temperature Control Board ASM

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Freezer Shelves

Check the availability column for the freezer shelves part prices and availability. If there is no link next to your part number, please visit the store and search for your freezer shelves component

Diagram #Part #DescriptionAvailability
5-aWR30X10128Bucket Ice
5-bWR30X10085Bucket Ice (not avail; see 5-a)
6WR02X12366Beam Support
7-aWR01X0606Screw, 8-18 AB HEX 1/2 S
7-bWR01X10612Screw, 8-18 AB HEX 1/2 S (not avail; see 7-a)
8WR01X10607Screw, 8-18 Ab Philips 1/2 S
9-aWR49X10211Divider Guide Rail LH
9-bWR02X12368Divider Guide Rail LH (not avail; see 9-a)
10-aWR49X10211Freezer Drawer Divider Guide Rail RH
10-bWR02X12367Freezer Drawer Divider Guide Kit (not avail; see 10-a)
21WR72X10275Slide ASM
22WR72X10276Slide ASM
23WR21X10138Basket Upper FZ (no longer made at all)
24WR12X10649Freezer Drawer Handle
25WR21X10140Basket Middle FZ
26-aNLA-ITMsee 26-b
26WR12X10850Handle Basket FZ (no longer made)
52WR17X12311Shelf Chiller 21
54WR72X10227Glide, LH
55WR17X12279Cover Bucket Ice
56WR02X12374Rail Holder, RH
57WR02X12375Rail Holder, LH

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Freezer Components

  • IMPORTANT NOTE RE: Evaporator Fan Motor (Diagram Part #610) – There are three versions of this motor so PLEASE VISUALLY INSPECT YOUR REFRIGERATOR before making a purchase.
    • The motor used in PFCF1NFW refrigerator SHOULD BE 610-a (WR60X10185) if there are no other wires attached to it
    • If your evaporator fan has wires attached to the light harness, you will need to buy 610-c (WR23X10476)
    • If your evaporator fan has wires attached to the thermistor harness, you will need to buy 610-b (WR60X10074)
  • Check the availability column for the freezer part prices and availability. If there is no link next to your part number, please visit the store and search for your freezer component
Diagram #Part #DescriptionAvailability
184WR17X12673Cover, Return FZ
186WR17X12251Cover, Evaporator
187WR14X10220Foam Pad, Cover, Evaporator
188WR14X10221Foam Strip, SE, Adhesive
189WR14X10222Foam Strip, SE, Adhesive
190-aWR02X11331Grommet, Evaporator FanCheck
190-bWR17X12252Grommet Evaporator Fan (not avail; see 190-a)
191WR17X12253Insulation, Cover, Evaporator
192WR14X10224Foam Pad, Cover, Lower Evaporator
197WR01X10685Screw, 8-18 AB IHW
199WR17X12254Cover, Evaporator Fan
200WR14X10225Foam Pad, Cover, Evaporator
201WR14X10226Holder, Foam Pad
202WR17X12255FZ Light Shield
204WR14X10223Foam Strip SE Adhesive
207WR02X9153Grommet, Water Fill
211WR17X12258Tube Ice-Maker Fill Tube
212WR17X12259Plate, Grounding
213WR51X10093Heater, Fill Tube ASM
214WR01X10212Nut 8-32
223WR02X10668Thermistor, Shunt SensorCheck
224WR23X10179Grille Sensor
225-aWR23X21444Light SwitchCheck
225-bWR23X10179Light Switch (not available; see 225-a)
227-bWR02X12289Lamp (not available; see 227-a)
228WR85X10087Low Side ASMCheck
230WR02X12386Reflector Lamp FZCheck
231WR23X10536Harness FZ LTCheck
232-aWR2X9391Socket & Terminal AS
232-bWR01F01775Socket & Terminal AS (not avail; see 232-a)
233-aWD2X323DScrews 8-32 X 3/8 SPH (PKG 12)
233-bWD02X0323Screws 8-32 X 3/8 Sph (not avail; see 233-a)
234WR14X10236Gasket FZ Light
243WR01X10626Screws 8-18 AB HXW 5/4 S
252WR60X10208Evaporator Fan BladeCheck
253WR02X10322Dust Cap
254WR02X12008Evaporator Fan Grommet, Red
255WR17X12269Bracket, Evaporator Fan Front
256WR17X12270Bracket Evaporator Fan, Rear
257WR01X10620Screws 10-32 CA HXWS 9/16 S
261WR51X10094Heater, Defroster ASMCheck
262WR29X10064Cup, Fill, Ice-maker
266WR50X10069Thermostat, DefrosterCheck
268-aWR55X10025Sensor, temperature (thermistor)Check
268-bWR55X10711Sensor, temperature (not available; see see 268-a)
273WR17X12303Tube Drain Trough
610-aWR60X10185Fan Motor, DC, Evaporator, without thermistor/lightCheck
610-bWR60X10074Fan Motor, DC, Evaporator, with thermistor harnessCheck
610-cWR23X10476Fan motor, DC, Evaporator, with light harnessCheck
614WR02X10540Grommet, Lid Bumper, RedCheck
820-aWR30X30097Ice Maker AssemblyCheck
820-bWR30X10087Ice Maker Assembly (not available; see WR30X30097)

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Machine Compartment

Check the availability column for machine component part prices and availability. If there is no link next to your part number, please visit the store and search for your machine component parts.

Diagram #Part #DescriptionAvailability
175-aWR01X10652Screws, 8-18 AB IHWS 5/8 S
175-bWR01X10035Screws, 8-18 AB IHWS 5/8 S (not avail; see 175-a)
182WR01X10622Screws, 10-32 B HXW 1/2
193WR02X11426Tube Drain
194WR01X10684Clamp Cable
203WR23X10535Harness Ground
206WR02X12377Clip Drain Tube
215WR02X10663Stand Off
244WR49X10179Kit, Anti Tip ASM
245WR17X12267Anti Tip Base Bracket
312-aWR02X12000Mobility ASM Back-bis
312-bWR02X12273Mobility ASM Back-bis (not avail; see 312-a)
614WR02X10540Grommet, Lid, Bumper, RedCheck
616WR82X10109Cover AccessCheck
618WR02X11331Grommet, Evaporator Fan, Blue
626-aWR23X10300Cord, Power ASM
626-bWR23X10540Cord, Power ASM (not avail; see 626-a)
628-aWR17X12713Shroud, CondenserCheck
628-bWR17X11252Shroud, Condenser (not avail; see 628-a)
650-aWR60X10209Motor, Condenser, FanCheck
650-bWG03F00433Motor, Condenser, Fan (not avail; see 650-a)
651-aWR60X24484Fan Blade, Condenser AssemblyCheck
651-bWG02F04236Fan Blade, Condenser Assembly (not avail; see 651-a)
652WR02X12149Compression Ring
683WR02X11607Wire Tie / plug
684WR01X10602Screw, 8-32 AB IHWS 3/8 S
686-aWR01X10654Screw, 10-32 Tt HXW 5/16 S
686-bWR01X10252Screw, 10-32 Tt HXW 5/16 S (not avail; see 686-a)
690WR01X10645Screws, 8-32 T HWX 3/8 S
691WR02X10593Bracket, Condenser Fan (rear)
725-aWR87X10111Inverter Compressor EMBCheck
725-bWR87X10123Inverter Compressor EMB (not avail; see 725-a)
730WR84X10022Condenser Replacement ASMCheck
736WR02X8203Clip, Compressor Mount
737-aWR02X22869Grommet, Compressor, Gray
737-bWR02X10099Grommet, Compressor (not avail; see 737-a)
740-aWR86X25269Dryer Filter with ASMCheck
740-bWR86X0096Dryer Filter with ASM (not avail; see 740-a)
741WR01X1779Stud Mtg Compressor
742WR02X10587Support Condenser
743WR02X10588Support Condenser
749-aWR17X13158Baffle Condenser AirCheck
749-bWR17X11039Baffle Condenser Air (not avail; see 749-a)
753-aWR02X11863Bracket Condenser Fan (MTG)
753-bWR02X10521Bracket Condenser Fan (not avail; see 753-a)
762WR14X10053Foam Strip, SE Adhesive
764WR02X9000Clip, Condenser Mount
765WR17X10763Bracket, Condenser Bar
775WR17X10796Cover, Water Line
800-aWR57X10086Water Inlet Valve and Tube ASMCheck
800-bWR57X10048Water Inlet Valve and Tube ASM (not avail; see 800-a)
801-aWR55X10956Board ASM, Main ControlCheck
801-bWR55X10697Board ASM, Main Control (not avail; see 801-a)
803WR02X12005Main Board Enclosure ASMCheck
871WR55X10685Inverter ASM Board Kit With JumpersCheck

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Case Parts

Check the availability column for case part prices and availability. If there is no link next to your part number, please visit the store and search for your case part number.

Diagram #Part #DescriptionAvailability
112WR01X10379Screw Hinge CoverCheck
119-aWR02X12380Grille Base Cover, Black
119-bWR02X12414Grille Base Cover, White
120WR01X10613Screw, 8-18 AB PNT20 7/16 S
121WR01X10629Screw, 8-18 AB HW 1/2 S
123WR02X12187Support, Shelf
124-aWR13X10430Center Hinge ASM, RH
124-bWR13X10432Center Hinge ASM, RH (alternate part #)
125WR01X10683Screw, 12-24 TT HXT20 .90 S
130-aWR13X10431Center Hinge ASM ADJ LH
130-bWR13X10433Center Hinge ASM ADJ LH (alternate part #)
133WR01X10793Pin Hinge ADJ BM
135WR02X12589Cover Hinge
179WR01X10827Closure Spring, Fresh Food DoorCheck
180-aWR02X10781Cap Corner OC, Black
180-bWR02X10640Cap Corner OC, White
181WR02X12334Mobility Front ASM
183-aWR01X10210Screw Mobility
183-bWR01X10609Screw Mobility (not avail; see 183-a)
185WR01X2027Closure Spring, Bottom Freezer DoorCheck
195-aWR17X12382Separator Air High Side
195WR17X12173Separator Air High Side (not avail; see 195-a)
196WR01X10588Screw, 8-18 Ab IHXW 9/16 S
208WR01X10686Screw Leveling
209WR02X12378Bracket Leg ASM
226-aWR23X10725Switch, LightCheck
226-bWR23X10143Switch, Light (not avail; see 226-a)
238WR11X10017Lever Arm FZ Closure ASM
239WR11X10016Lever Arm FZ Closure ASM
246WR02X12388Cover Hinge Top RH
247WR02X12389Cover Hinge Top LH
248WR01X10792Screw, 12-24 TT HX7/8 S
249WR13X10427Hinge Closure ASM
260-aWR13X10429Hinge Closure ASM
260-bWR13X10435Hinge Closure ASM (not avail; see 260-a)
268-aWR55X10025Sensor, temperature (thermistor)Check
268WR55X10711Sensor, temperature (not avail; see 268-a)
274WR02X12685Striker, Top Mullion
275WR02X12684Cover, Top Striker
306WR02X12271Screw, Mobility
852WR01X10858Screw, Toe kick-plate
874WR01X10855Washer Hinge-Shim

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