Reviews – Square D Panel (QO series)

In my DIY journey, I had experiences with various electrical panels (Square D, Cutler Hammer, GE, Siemens, Murray). Why did I purchase Square D products for my new DIY projects? Simple.

Specifically, when comparing Square D QO series vs Homelines series, QO is better because:

  • Wide availability (large home improvement box stores as well as electrical contractor speciality stores)
  • Tin plated one-piece copper bus (aluminum in Homeline)
  • Sturdier circuit breaker mechanism (higher blowout rating, etc)
  • Tight fit and finish
  • Visitrip Circuit Breaker (orange bar appears when a breaker is trippedh
  • Superior design (like cable channel, easy punch outs, etc.)

Just remember that parts are *NOT* interchangeable between QO and Homeline series (cannot add QO breaker into Homeline panel, etc.)  but you can certainly have QO as main and Homeline as subpanel.


  1. HighHopes says

    QO is industrial/commercial grade and Homeline is residential, so no surprise that the QO panel is better constructed. What is the price difference?

  2. kevin says


    Yes, QO is targeted for the commercial side. The panel itself is not much more (maybe $20), but the breakers are about $5 higher, which equates to roughly 25% premium.


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