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My dishwasher saga continues…..

AllThumbsDIY - Broken Dishwasher

As if the dishwasher god is mad at me, my latest attempt to replace my “broken” dishwasher failed miserably.

So as you know from my previous posting, my working GE Profile dishwasher was made worse by a “technician”.  To make the long story short, we bought a comparable GE Profile dishwasher from Home Depot and scheduled for delivery/installation in 3 days.  Unfortunately, due to 18 inches of snow on Wednesday, the delivery was rescheduled to 4 days later.  Whatever.  At this point, I just want a damn new dishwasher and not have to think about it for few years.

Well, delivery guys showed up around 5pm and proceeded to take apart my old one but another guy came in to the house and informed us that there is are two damages on the new dishwasher. Heart sunken, I trudge out to the truck and see that the bottom kickplate has been completely crushed and caved in and the door suffered a deep gouge down to the bare metal.  Delivery guys call their home office and was told that they can offer $50 to accept the damaged good as-is.  I said no way since I have no idea if it suffered any internal damages.

They the call GE support and after being on hold for 45 minutes, we were told:

  1. $75 refund and accept it as-is; or
  2. 2 year warranty; or
  3. Replacement

I inform her that as a repeat GE customer, who spent over $9,000 GE appliances, I am not interested any cash but because I needed a working dishwasher, I ask them for 4 year extended warranty and replace the door and kick plate at a later time.  I thought I was being reasonable?  I just did’nt want to buy the thing and have it replaced it again.

Well, the simply said no.  So at this point, I still don’t have a working dishwasher.

I can tell you one thing.  I am going to tell all my friends, neighbors and everyone else that GE DOES NOT stand behind their products or services and that they should buy something else.  If I can convince 5 or 10 people to buy a non GE product, I will be very happy.

GE, you suck.