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Two Best Tool Sheds for Storing Your Portable Generator

I previously stored my Briggs and Stratton Storm Responder 5500 on my deck, shielded only by a thin plywood cover. This minimal protection did little to guard the generator against harsh weather, leading to noticeable surface rust and hose degradation.

While I constructed a custom shed, I recognize not everyone has the means or space to do the same. Thus, I’ve reviewed three popular tool sheds which can be repurposed for portable generator storage.

Quick Takeaway: Which one is the best buy?

I have a positive bias towards Lifetime products, based on my personal history (see my review on the Lifetime deck box here). They are solidly built, and even after 6 years of use, it’s still in impeccable shape. Plus, it’s proudly Made in the USA! I’m also fond of Suncast products, although they aren’t manufactured in the USA.

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Review of Lifetime Products 60170 Horizontal Storage Box

The Lifetime Heavy-Duty, Horizontal HDPE Storage Box (Model # 60170 or 60088) is truly top-tier. It’s considerably larger than most generator sheds, measuring approximately 52″ H x 41″ D x 74″ W, offering nearly 75 cubic feet of storage.

With a weight of almost 150 pounds, its rigid dual-wall high-density polyethylene (HDPE) design ensures durability and resistance against the elements. While initially meant for two large garbage cans, its spacious interior can comfortably accommodate and protect your portable generator.


  • Durable, UV-protected, and weather-resistant design.
  • Spring-hinged top lid for easy access and lockable front doors that open almost 180 degrees.
  • Heavy-duty, slip-resistant floor.
  • Weather-resistant steel hinges and controlled spring-hinge lid.
  • UV-protected panels and lid; resistant to fading, cracking, or peeling.
  • A 5-year limited warranty.
  • Pre-finished with light-sand colored walls and doors, paired with a dark-brown lid (for both 60170 and 60088 models).

Note: The two lid supports may wear out over time, but replacements are available through Lifetime Products Customer Support.

Assembly: While straightforward, be patient if assembling solo. Be especially cautious when affixing the top lid hinges.

Tools Needed for Assembly:

  • Safety goggles, drill bits, tape measure.
  • Cordless drill (a 90-degree angle cordless drill is helpful).
  • Framing square, torpedo level, screwdrivers.

Review of Suncast Horizontal Stow-Away Storage Box

The Suncast Horizontal Stow-Away Storage Shed is a solid alternative to Lifetime Storage Box to those seeking a dedicated space to safely store their portable generators.

With concerns about protecting such equipment from the elements and ensuring easy access for usage, this storage solution seems tailor-made for the job.

Design & Suitability

  1. Exterior: The neutral vanilla hue ensures the shed isn’t an eyesore and can fit subtly in most outdoor settings, be it alongside a house, in a garden, or adjacent to a workshop.
  2. Dimensions: With a capacity that’s spacious enough to house most standard portable generators, the shed is adequately sized without being excessively bulky. This means more space for airflow around the generator and room for essential accessories like extension cords or fuel containers.
  3. Material: The shed is crafted from robust, double-wall resin, which provides a durable shield against harsh weather conditions. This is particularly crucial for protecting the generator from rain, snow, or prolonged UV exposure.

Functional Features

  1. Easy Accessibility: The Suncast Stow-Away is designed with a three-door locking system. The top lid is supported by a hydraulic piston for smooth opening and closing, ensuring users can quickly access their generator for set-up or maintenance without any hassle.
  2. Security: The shed comes equipped with a pad-lockable three-door locking system, offering an added layer of protection against potential theft or unauthorized access.
  3. Ventilation: One of the vital aspects when storing generators is ventilation. The Suncast design ensures there’s adequate ventilation to prevent the buildup of any fuel fumes, making it safer and more conducive for generator storage.
  4. Floor Reinforcement: The reinforced floor supports heavier items, ensuring the portable generator sits stably without any risk of the floor giving way.

Assembly & Maintenance

  1. Assembly: The shed comes with a user-friendly manual and is relatively straightforward to assemble. Most users should be able to set it up within a couple of hours, without the need for professional help.
  2. Maintenance: Given its resin construction, the shed is low-maintenance. It’s resistant to rusting, rotting, or mildewing, ensuring longevity with minimal upkeep.

Wrapping Up

For those looking for a dedicated, robust, and aesthetically pleasing storage solution for their portable generator, both Lifetime and Suncast sheds check all the boxes.

Both are solidly constructed and provide protection against the elements, as well as decent ventilation to set themselves apart from the competition.

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  • Click here for the latest price on the Suncast Horizontal Outdoor Storage.

However, keep in mind that plastic storage boxes will start to deform when a generator is operated for a long period of time.

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