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Product Review – Update on Rubbermaid XL Deck Box


This is an update on my previous review of Rubbermaid XL Deck Box (120 gal.)

Lifetime Extra Large Deck box (130 gal.) and Suncast Extra Large Wicker Resin Deck Box (134 gal.)

I had originally wanted only 2 deck boxes, but ended up getting a third one (Suncast) when I had issues with my Rubbermaid Extra Large Deck box.

Before we go any further, let me just say that Rubbermaid ultimately did the right thing by issuing a refund check for the defective deck box (though I would have been happy with replacement parts).

TLDR; (too long did not read); My quick recommendation? Buy a Lifetime 60012 Extra Large Deck Box for superior construction, parts and warranty.


While sitting on my new deck for about 11 months or so, my Rubbermaid deck box developed several warps, which ultimately allowed carpenter ants to take residence inside where we stored our seat cushions.

Lid warping on both sides:

Right-side corners “peeling away” creating more gaps:


After conversing with an agent at the Rubbermaid Customer Service Center (888-895-2110) multiple times (i.e. telephone, email) and providing a purchase receipt and multiple pictures, Rubbermaid issued a full refund check. Personally, I would have been happy with replacement parts, but I gather sending out those large panels would not have been cos effective.


These Rubbermaid deck boxes were located in a year round “sunroom-type” indoor pool, exposed to UV lights, higher than normal temperature, and pool chemicals. What that means is that these conditions may have accelerated the aging process that may not be duplicated under normal conditions.

Ironically, I have seen similar problems with Rubbermaid deck boxes at my local indoor swimming pool where most boxes were strapped to prevent the walls from bowing out:

Noticed how a side wall ultimately curled out? My guess is that my deck box would have suffered the same fate. As stated in my review article, those “welded joints” on side panels were indeed weak and susceptible to failure:


Though I appreciate Rubbermaid’s customer service, I would make a purchase of either Lifetime Extra Large Deck box or Suncast Extra Large Wicker Resin Deck Box.

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