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Woodpecker Is Finally Pecking on My Woodpecker House!


With overnight temperature plunging down into 20’s, I was seeing less and less woodpecker activities.

While working in the basement office, I heard the dreaded “tap-tap-tap-tap” sound so I went outside to scary it away, but what did I find?

A small downy woodpecker pecking on the cedar house! Finally!

Final Words

It had been a bit over 2 weeks since I put the second woodpecker house. With no activities, I was wondering if any bird was going to move in.

This woodpecker house is the first I built so the opening was only 1.25″ in diameter. Based on these pictures, I think he (or she) wants them enlarged.


The only thing is to patch up that gigantic 2.5″ hole it created just below the bird house before woodpeckers settle in (to minimize disturbance).

I am going to build a second woodpecker house with my kids and mount it on the west side of the wall but if this does not work, I will need to take some drastic actions.

I am hoping it does not come down to that.

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