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Woodpecker Brady Bunch Family?


So I am waiting for my kids to get off the school bus around 3pm on a sunny afternoon.

I haven’t heard or seen woodpeckers in a couple of days with no roosting taking place in their new woodpecker houses. Maybe they found another nesting place and moved on?

Fat chance!

While standing in the sun, I noticed 2 little hairy woodpeckers playfully flying from one tree to another. They actually made low flyovers near me so that I could see their faces clearly?!

Then, I noticed bigger downy woodpeckers joining in the flyover. Then a red-bellied woodpecker. And lastly, a “father-figure” like pileated woodpecker.

What the heck? Do I have a Brady bunch woodpecker family or what? I thought they were all territorial? It sure seemed like they were all friends.

What to do, what to do, what to do…..