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One Cheap Trick to Try to Scare Away Those Pesky Woodpeckers


Well, yelling, screaming and throwing wet paper towel clumps at it really didn’t work, other than to increase my frustration level.

Instead of getting angry, I decided to try a simple trick with couple of blank CDs that were laying around

Required Materials

Required Tools

  • Wire cutter
  • 3/8″ drill bit
  • cordless drill
  • ladder (“ladder cleat” should definitely be used if using the ladder on a smooth surface)


My first attempt with a single disc + open eye hook did not work out too well (disc got flipped on to the roof and the wire slipped off the open eye hook) so what I describe below is an improved version
  • CD/DVD should be hung near the damaged spot to discourage woodpeckers from pecking again in the same spot
  • An ideal hanging point would be about 4-6 inches away from the wall to allow plenty of air circulation. This air movement should allow DVDs or CDs to “catch wind” and sway. If the wind is strong enough, it will bump into the wall (bonus as the sound will make woodpeckers jumpy)
  • Pre-drill a hole on the top side. If drilling on the wall without any overhead protection, drill it at approximately 45 degree in upward angle. This is required to prevent rain from running down the hook;
  • Screw in the eye hook
  • Take 4 ft of wire, loop it inside the CD ring, then twist to form a sturdy wire rope
  • Twist and tie the wire rope to the eye hook (you may want to look several times on the eye shaft to prevent the wire from slipping off)
  • Take another 4 ft wire but connect between 2 CD rings
  • Screw in another eye hook, approximately 1 ft away from the last CD
  • Take the last 4 ft f wire, loop it to the last CD, then secure it to the 2nd eye hook (this slack is required so that 2 CDs are free to sway in the wind)

Final Words

It’s been Few days and my woodpeckers did return but not to the same spot. Not sure if this is a permanent solution but I will be keeping a close eye on it and provide you with updates.

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