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The Ultimate Resource Guide for John Deere 1330SE Snowblower

As it happens with all power equipment, things start to break as they get older. If you are a do it yourself kind of person, that means you need to troubleshoot problem(s), buy necessary replacement parts and make repairs. To do your job effectively, you need information.

I have collected lots of hard to find information since purchasing my John Deere 1330 SE snowblower back in 2010.

I am publishing them here so that you too can diagnose and make repairs to your snowblower.

If you have any questions, suggestions or article ideas, please leave your comment below. Please note that “snowthrowers” and “snowblowers” terms are used interchangeably.

Quick Parts List (For more info, see MAINTENANCE and PARTS sections)
ENGINE OIL – 5w-30 (synthetic preferable)
FUEL (GASOLINE) – unleaded, regular (must use with Stabil fuel stabilizer)
SPARK PLUG – Briggs and Stratton, Part # 796112 or Champion Copper Plus RJ19LM (set gap to 0.030) ; you need to check your engine code to confirm the spark plug model as your 1330SE may have a different B&S engine models installed than mine
BELT, DRIVE – Briggs and Stratton, Part #1733324SM (wedge or knob design is fine)
BELT, AUGER – Briggs and Stratton, Part #1736421YP (V-belt 4L 038.35)



It is not widely known outside of the John Deere fan base that since 1991, all John Deere Walk Behind Snow blowers were made by different manufacturers, though John Deere continued to produce commercial grade Riding Snowblowers.

According to few John Deere sources, John Deere decided to stop making the walk behind snowblower after several seasons of low snowfall.

From 1991 to 2018, John Deere sold re-badged snowblowers from various manufacturers like Murray (and it’s sub-brand Frontier), Ariens, Simplicity (later bought by Briggs & Stratton) and Briggs and Stratton.

As of 2021, B&S ended up in the bankruptcy court in late 2019 and a venture capital company purchased it in mid 2020. I have no idea how that will ultimately impact the availability of parts so it might be a good idea to purchase some extra parts on hand.

I hope that you find this reference source to be helpful as you troubleshoot and maintain your John Deere 1330SE snowblower.

Thanks and good luck!




During the product of the John Deere 1330SE model, there were two other similar models under different manufacturing label:

  • John Deere 1330SE
    • IPL1751508
    • 1696044 – manufactured in 2011-2012
    • 1695812 – manufactured in 2008-2010
  • Murray/Frontier 1330SE
    • LP37058 (1696044)
    • LP25939 (1695812)
  • Simplicity L1630E / L1730E
    • L16330 (1695663)
    • L1730E (1695988)

You will want to keep these brands in mind when searching for your replacement part as John Deere branded parts may not be available.


DescriptionJohn DeereMurraySimplicity
Model #1330se1330seL1630e / L1730e
Item #LP25939LP37058
Mfg. model#169581216960441695812
Auger HousingTBD29896442988434, 2988533
Chute RotationTBD29896462988436
EngineB&S 20m314-0118-elB&S 20m314-0118-elB&S 20m314-0118-el
Gear Case Assembly172330317233031723303


When you are troubleshooting or looking for parts, you need to use the Briggs and Stratton manual for all engine related issues.

For all other, non-engine snow blower issues, you should refer to John Deere, Murray and/or Simplicity operator’s manual.

Broken Links
Manufacturers are constantly changing their links to their manuals and documentation. If you find that the link no longer works for a particular document, please leave a comment below with what you need so that I can see if I have an offline copy.
  • John Deere 1330SE Manuals
    • John Deere Operator’s Manual (external site does not allow direct linking; please copy and paste; )
    • John Deere Parts List (external site does not allow direct linking; please copy and paste;
  • Simplicity L1730E Manuals (only L1630E are available which are quite similar to L1730E)
    • Simplicity Operator’s Manual (external site no longer allows direct linking; please copy and paste;
    • Simplicity Illustrated Parts List (external site no longer allows direct linking; please copy and paste;
  • Briggs and Stratton Engine Manuals
    • Briggs & Stratton Operator and parts manuals (article link)

General / Maintenance

Service Manual / Information


Pulley / Belt Problems

Electric Chute problems

Impeller / Auger Problems

Headlight Problems


Please note that Amazon link is an affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you click on the link and make a purchase.

  • Amazon (external link to Amazon)
  • Briggs & Stratton Parts Look Up (external link to Briggs and Stratton) (1)
  • Jacks Small Engines – 2008-2010 models (external site does not allow direct linking; please copy and paste;
  • Jacks Small Engines – 2011-2012 models (external site does not allow direct linking; please copy and paste;
  • Green Part Store (external site does not allow direct linking; please copy and paste; )
  • MTD Parts (external site does not allow direct linking; please copy and paste; )
  • Parts Tree (external site does not allow direct linking; please copy and paste; )
  • Parts Warehouse (external site does not allow direct linking; please copy and paste;

(1) Briggs and Stratton look up tool uses Javascript to narrow down the model which means I cannot provide you with a direct link to your particular model. Type in either L1630E or L1730E in the MODEL field to get the correct links.


I’ve heard some disturbing story about some JD dealers refusing to service a 1330se unless it was bought from them (for example, no service for Lowes purchases). I have confirmed with JD customer service that this in incorrect.

I strongly urge you to inform these dealers that it is John Deere’s policy to service all John Deere branded products.

If you need further assistance or support on these products please contact the John Deere Power Products Consumer Helpline at:

  • USA: (888) 228-3068 (option 3)
  • Canada: (800) 661-6662

Please have your product ID and serial number available as this will help to identify your unit.

Please remember that these are EXTERNAL links.

Brian Tuttle

Thursday 3rd of August 2023

Great site looking at a 2010 1130SE today for $300.00 any thing I should look for? He is going to start it up and run it for me to see,thanks again Kevin you site is just what I'm looking for,Brian


Monday 9th of January 2023

Does anyone know where to get a snow cab for the JD 1330SE? Thanks


Wednesday 11th of January 2023

Hi glen, John Deere does not make snow cabs any can try something like this Arnold Universal Snow cab for 1330se...


Wednesday 3rd of February 2021


Great source of information for all things 1330SE. I have had my machine since 2011 and have been having trouble literally burning through auger belts the last couple of years. While easy enough to change, I am wondering if there is something more that I am missing that is causing these belts to literally become shredded and melt away?


Monday 1st of April 2024

@Taylor, check to see if the actual auger is bent


Friday 5th of February 2021

Hi Taylor-

I also have the belt burning issue after chewing up my impeller. I think the cause could be a mis-alignment, incorrect belt, improper adjustment of the pulley, etc. I will write up a post and come up with some possible solutions as I soon as all this snow is gone