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John Deere 1330SE Walk-behind Snowthrower – Reference Page 2


Please make sure to read my other post, The Ultimate Resource Guide for John Deere 1330SE Snowblower, for the latest links on John Deere 1330SE snow blower.

This particular reference page will cover the following topics:


  • Shear Pins – You can’t have enough of these around; I usually have anywhere between 8-12 on hand each season (sounds excessive but sometimes you run into a steady stream of hidden wet newspapers); Please make sure to purchase the correct shear pins as wrong ones may damage your engine! Briggs & Stratton Part #1687404K Shear Pin Kit; when you get them, check to make sure you have those smaller pieces; those are called cotter pins, designed to bend to hold the shear pins in place;
  • Check tire pressure – Maximum of 14 psi; remember, slightly under-inflating tires gives you maximum surface area thus giving better traction (if you don’t have a tire gauge, I recommend the JACO ElitePro Digital Tire Gauge. The price is a bits steep at $30, but this unit is far better than one of those integrated handheld unit)

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Wiring Harness Diagrams

I’ve created two separate pages so that they can be updated & published faster.

Where to get Service and Support for a John Deere branded Walk-behind Snowthrower?

I’ve heard some disturbing story about some JD dealers refusing to service a 1330se unless it was bought from them (for example, no service for Lowes purchases). I have confirmed with JD customer service that this in incorrect.

I strongly urge you to inform these dearlers that it is John Deere’s policy to service all John Deere branded products.

If you need further assistance or support on these products please contact the John Deere Power Products Consumer Helpline at:

USA: (888) 228-3068 (option 3)
Canada: (800) 661-6662

Please have your product ID and serial number available as this will help to identify your unit.

Wrap Up

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Thanks and good luck with your John Deere 1330se snowthrower!

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The Ultimate Resource Guide for John Deere 1330SE Snowblower —

Sunday 31st of January 2021

[…] Reference page 2 – oil change, tune up, shear pins, tire pressures, where to obtain service (link to post) […]


Thursday 7th of November 2019

Nice suggestions and thank you for the DIY steps. I replaced the chute and auger switches last year and everything works great. My next step may be to replace the friction wheel since I noticed that is getting down there. Have you replaced that before?

I have taken rubbing alcohol and cleaned the friction disc each year and that keeps it from slipping on the rubber build up. I'm waiting for the belts to get a little further worn down and I'll attempt the friction wheel replacement when I have it apart..


Friday 8th of November 2019

Hey Chris-

Thank you for your comment!

Fortunately the friction wheel as it is still in good condition. Ever since my primary auger hit a rock, it has been bit wobbly causing all sorts of problems for me so I will probably have to replace that first before anything else....

Let me know how your upgrade turns out!


Jim J Erjavec

Sunday 18th of November 2018

Boy have I been wrong. your writing is helping me out. New problem tranny stuck in 3nd forward. Been spraying wd40 on the leakage. Warmed it up hoping it would break free. Next step to get under it. . Any suggestions.