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Resource Page for Echo PB-413H Backpack Leaf Blower


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I purchased the Echo PB-413h backpack leaf blower back in 2007 to replace my older Sears handheld blower. It has served me well over the years but I am starting to experience problems.

I spent many hours collecting information about my leaf blower so I figured I would save some time for you and share what I have. If you have additional information that I missed, I would appreciate it if you can leave a comment to let me know.

Technical Specifications

  • Manufacture Date: 2001-2008
  • Spark Plug: NGK BPM-8Y or NGK BPMR-8Y (Canada) (5)
  • Carburetor: Zama C1M model w/primer (C1M-K37D or C1M-K77)
  • Short Block (1):
    • S/N: 02001001-02999999: SB1057 (Both H & T)
    • S/N: 09001001-13999999: SB1077 (Both H & T)
  • Cold Compression Range: 120-150 psi (2)
  • Idle Speed: 2350-2850 RPM
  • WOT Speed: 6,200-6,600 RPM
  • Bore: 40.0mm. /1.57in.
  • Stroke: 35.0mm./ 1.38 in.
  • Starter Rope Length: 4mm(5/32″) X 1350mm(53″)
  • Engine Displacement: 44.0 cc
  • Engine Type:
    • S/N 03001001-08999999: ECHO Power Boost (a.k.a. Vortex) Engine (3)
    • S/N 09001001 & UP: ECHO Power Boost (a.k.a. Tornado) Engine (4)
  • Length: 12.6 in. w/o pipes Width: 18.1 in. Height: 18.8 in. Dry Weight: 20.7 lbs
  • Starter: Standard
  • Average Air Vol. (at pipes): 380 cfm
  • Average Air Vol. (at housing): 800 cfm
  • Max. Air Speed: 175 mph
  • Fuel Capacity: 64 fl oz.
  • Sound Rating: 71 dB(A) WOT at 50 feet per ANSI B175.2-2000 standards

(1) A short block is an engine sub-assembly comprising the portion of the cylinder block below the head gasket but above the oil pan.

(2) Older, used units will not achieve 120 psi. 100 psi should be sufficient to run the engine properly on a used engine.

(3) Each Vortex engines comes with a single piston ring.

(4) Each Tornado engines comes with dual piston rings.

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Identifying the Engine

  • PB-413
    • S/N: 02001001 – 02999999–>Engine, Short Block — SB1057
  • PB-413H
    • S/N: 02001001 – 02999999–>Engine, Short Block — SB1057
    • S/N: 09001001 – 09999999–>Engine, Short Block — SB1077
    • S/N: 10001001 – 10999999–>Engine, Short Block — SB1077
    • S/N: P06413001001 – P06413999999–>Engine, Short Block — SB1077
    • S/N: P08011001001 – P08011999999–>Engine, Short Block — SB1077
    • S/N: P09512001001 – P09512999999–>Engine, Short Block — SB1077
  • PB-413 H / T
    • S/N: 02001001 – 02999999–>Engine, Short Block — SB1057
  • PB-413T
    • S/N: 02001001 – 02999999–>Engine, Short Block — SB1057
    • S/N: 09001001 – 09999999–>Engine, Short Block — SB1077
    • S/N: 10001001 – 10999999–>Engine, Short Block — SB1077
    • S/N: P06513001001 – P06513999999–>Engine, Short Block — SB1077
    • S/N: P08111001001 – P08111999999–>Engine, Short Block — SB1077
    • S/N: P09612001001 – P09612999999–>Engine, Short Block — SB1077

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Where to Find the Serial Number

The serial number is located just under the CD ignition module (see below):

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Identifying the Carburetor

Echo PB-413H model was manufactured over 8 year period. Although most parts have stayed the same, there were few major differences. Echo uses serial number groupings to indicate these changes.

My Echo PB-413H has a serial number belonging to P09512001001-P09512999999.

  • PB-413H
    • S/N 02001001-02999999–> Zama C1M-K37D carburetor, Coil Ignition
    • S/N 09001001-09999999–> Zama C1M-K77 carburetor, Coil Ignition
    • S/N P08011001001-P08011999999–> Zama C1M-K77 carburetor, C.D. Ignition
    • S/N P09512001001-P09512999999–> Zama C1M-K77 carburetor, C.D. Ignition
  • PB-413T
    • S/N P06413001001-P06413999999–> Zama C1M-77 carburetor, C.D. Ignition (6)

(6) Capacitor Discharge (C.D.) Ignition

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Zama Carburetors

Zama was originally founded in 1952 and incorporated in 1980 in Los Angeles California.

In early 2008 Zama USA was purchased by SIIX Corporation and IIDA Denki Kogyo Co.

Later in 2008 Zama Japan and Zama China were purchased by Stihl Group.

Today Zama is a leading diaphragm carburetor manufacturer for the outdoor power equipment industry.

There are many different models of Zama carburetors and likewise many parts available to service them. There are usually two identification numbers located on any Zama carburetor model. One number identifies the body type and the other identifies the model code. These two numbers combined will identify the full model number required for parts identification. Using the application charts on our site will aide in identifying your carburetor model and required carburetor parts or kit. We also suggest visually checking the body type and model code located on your carburetor for confirmation.

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Fuel Requirement

Echo PB-413H backpack leaf blower has a 2-stroke engine which uses regular gasoline.

It is NOT designed to be used with gasoline with high ethanol mixture.


Operator manuals are linked to Echo support website. If a PDF link is broken, please contact us at info -at-allthumbsdiy-dot-com

Parts Catalog

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I hope you found this resource page to be useful as you look to solve problems with Echo PB-413/t backpack leaf blower.

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If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

Thanks and good luck with your DIY project!