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Non-OEM vs OEM Air Filter for Echo PB-413H Leaf Blowers


The primary function of an air filter is to deliver both high airflow and dirt protection. Air filters should provide minimum restriction allowing high airflow into the engine because increased airflow means better engine performance.

The purpose of this article is to review 3 most popular air filters for my Echo PB-413H leaf blower.

This filter (OEM Part # A226000032) is rather ubiquitous among Echo leaf blowers so it should also fit Echo PB403, PB403H, PB403T, PB413T, PB500T, PB603, PB611, PB620, PB620ST, PB650, PB650H, PB650T, PB651T, PB755SH, and PB755ST leaf blowers.


There are three common types of air filters:

  • Paper
  • Foam
  • dual element (paper+foam)

Echo PB-413H leaf blowers use air filters made from paper.

Paper is then “pleated” to increase the surface area contained within a given volume of space. They are sealed in closed cell foam at the edges, and they have metal mesh screen to provide rigidity.

What we want is an efficient air filter that removes dust/dirt particles with minimum amount of air flow resistance. In addition to higher performance, our outdoor power equipment will last longer.

Simple Test
Let’s do a simple test. Temporarily remove the air filter and operate your blower for few minutes. Notice how the engine sounds awesome with absolutely no air flow restrictions? A smooth running engine will not only last longer but will also produce maximum amount of air.

Please do not operate your leaf blower this way on a long term basis. When you are operating a leaf blower, it gets dusty really quick. Without an air filter, dirt would be able to enter the throttle body and pass into the combustion chambers. Depending on the amount of dust / dirt matter in the air, this could potentially cause damage to the engine or various components.

Characteristics of a Good Air Filter

There are 4 components to look for when purchasing a high quality air filter:

  • Types of filter “paper”
  • Total Surface Area / Air Flow
  • Structural Rigidity
  • Ability to Seal the air filter box

Types of filter “paper”

Paper filters are made from compressed fibers. The spaces between these fibers provide microscopic holes the air must pass through. One by one, these holes become plugged with dirt and dust particles. Once a hole becomes plugged, the air must find an alternate route through the medium.

Cheaper filter papers will feel more like cardboard whereas higher quality filter papers will resemble/feel more like cotton/cloth.

Total Surface Area / Air Flow

Larger surface area means the filter can clean more air. However, this also means that the air flow will be more restrictive. A high quality air filter should balance these two competing factors.

Structural Rigidity

Leaf blower gets banged around quite a bit so it is important to minimize the risk of paper being crushed or deformed.

Ability to seal the air filter box

By inducing negative air pressure, the engine is drawing in air. To minimize the engine damage risk, it is critical that all air passes through the filter medium and not through the side cracks.


When it comes to getting replacement parts, I personally prefer to buy the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. However, the cost is usually higher than parts from third-party manufacturers. I purchased 3 air filters for review.

ECHO air filters

The Echo air filter I reviewed came as part of the Echo tune-up kit (part # 90156Y) which included an air filter, fuel filter and spark plug.


You can purchase the air filter (Echo OEM Leaf Blower Air Filter A226000032 Fits PB-500H PB-413H)by itself as well but if you haven’t replaced the fuel filter in a while, it might be a good idea to buy the tune-up kit.

  • Brand name / model: Echo Tune-Up Kit (click here)
  • OEM: Yes, kit Echo # 90156Y
  • Replaces: Echo OEM Air Filters Part # A226000032 A226000031
  • Size: Length = 4 5/32 “, Width = 2 5/8 “, Height = 1 3/8 “
  • Quantity: 2 air filters
  • Manufacturer: U.S.A.
  • Price: $19.99 (or $17.99 at local Home Depot stores)

HIPA air filters

I received the package in a bubble wrapped envelope. Although they were bundled in a single film packaging, one filter inside was in another packaging.



On the surface, all two filters looked virtually identical and if I had to guess, HIPA air filters were made by the same manufacturer.

However, upon closer inspection, I noticed 2 differences between Echo (OEM) and HIPA (non-OEM) air filters.


The overall construction was very similar among three different brands so the it was not surprising that they all weighed about the same.

The OEM Echo air filter came in at 1 oz. and HIPA/Poweka air filters came in at 1.1 oz.

Filter Paper Types

Echo filter’s paper was “whiter” and felt very light and “cottony” texture. On the contrast, HIPA filter was slightly yellowish color and it had a stiff, kraft-box / cardboard / dense texture.

Total Surface Area / Air Flow

Echo had somewhat of 16 irregularly shaped, pleated-tabs. HIPA had 19, square edged pleated tabs and these 19 tabs looked almost too crowded which could possibly restrict the airflow.

Structural Rigidity & Ability to seal the air filter box

All three filters had a similar looking mesh backing made from aluminum.

All three had blue-colored, closed-cell foam perimeter. Echo filter had foam that covered the botton 1/8 of the filter paper for additional seal.


I am not going to lie. My personal preference is to buy USA-made, original equipment parts whenever possible.

Yes, the cost of an Echo OEM filter is much higher than non-OEM parts but after testing all three air filters, I just felt that Echo OEM air filter performed better (engine sounded smoother) but that could have been because of my personal bias.

But I think non-OEM air filters will be okay too.

I hope you found this review to be helpful. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

Thanks and good luck with your DIY project!

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