generac wheelhouse 5500 5550 portable generator repair fix – remove air filter

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  1. HELP! Our almost 16-year old 5550 generator won’t start. I’ve taken carburetors off lawn mowers to clean, so I thought I could would start here. I managed to get the bowl off. The float sits on a base, which has two tall jets and a shorter, larger jet in the middle. The taller ones were clean, but I ran thin wire into the hole of what looked like a rubber washer(?) in the middle hole. As I was walking out the door of the shed, I turned it over and heard something hit the floor. Couldn’t find it anywhere…might have bounced down the steps and into the grass! Anyway, whatever was in that larger hole, is gone now. I contacted Generac and their parts “whatever“ is down…they just referred me to a Generac distributor! I can find replacement floats, but I need the base that it attaches to. I hope you can figure out what I am describing, I am a 66 year old woman who watched and dad repair small engines…I can try to send a pic if that would help.

  2. Oh no! It’s been a while since I worked on 5550 but let me see if I can help you.

    1. When you look at the gray metal carb housing, does it say Nikki or Walbro?
    2. Most units came with Nikki carbs, so assuming yours is the same, can you take a look at this pix and tell me which part you inserted thin wire?

    nikki carb

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