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Review – Lifetime Geo Metric Dome Metal Climber 90136


UPDATE – June 2015
Just a quick update to let you know that Lifetime Geo Dome is still going strong. The only minor thing about the grips is that spiders and bugs seem to like hanging out underneath. Make sure to clean them Spring/Summer.

I was looking for a medium sized jungle gym to keep my kids occupied while I was planning a tree house and accidentally found this geometric metal dome climber.

Lifetime Geo Dome (Model 91036) is relatively easy to assemble and they are not only fun but climbing actions help them to develop muscles and hand-eye coordination. Another words, this is a nice way of getting them tired out!

TLDR; If you want a well-made Geo Dome climber for your children that are between 4-10 years old, buy this Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Play Center (Earth tone). You won’t regret it


If you read my review of Lifetime deck box, you know how I am impressed with this brand. Although this particular product is made in China, you can tell that it was carefully designed and component fit and finish is of high quality.

The Geo Dome is approximately 5 feet in height at the tallest peak (in the center), and the diameter (measurement across the base) is 10 feet to give it a wide, stable footprint, making it feel very secure and sturdy. With 600 lb capacity, it can hold approximately six children at the same time.

Though the structure weighs about 100 pounds total, it is fairly easy to move from one spot to another. Just make sure to grab the lowest bar on the ground and drag it. The shape will deform into an oval so when you are set in a new location, go around the structure and tug on the bottom pieces to make the Geo Dome “round” again.

Because it is an interconnected steel (hollow tube) rods, shape can also “give” a little bit so that the surface playground does not have to be perfectly even.

The entire metal structure is powder-coated to prevent rust and to reduce heat retention. Sixteen semi-hard, real rock climbing hand grips are made of UV-resistant High-density Polyethylene or HDPE (very durable).

Geo Dome is a decent size for kids 4-10 yeas old children. My kids were 4 and 6 when they first started using this Geo Dome and they still love it. Heck, some of my older nieces in their 20s like to climb on it!

Lastly, there are two colors available: Playground (blue and red) or Earth Tone (green and tan). Playground is about $35 cheaper, but I elected more muted earth tone because I liked how it looked in a grassy yard surrounded by trees. Mechanically and functionally, they are identical.



CPSC recommends cushioning material (i.e. rubber mulch, wood chips, etc) for any structures that 6 ft or higher (guidebook is found in the reference link section at the end of this article)

Because Lifetime Geo Dome structure is only 5 feet tall, I decided against any mulch for the time being (it rests on soft grassy area). However, this Geo Dome will be moved to another play are that will be covered in playground mulch in the near future.


There really aren’t much to write about assembling this structure. It will go faster if you have a helper, but certainly one person can do it alone (I did).

It took about an 2.5 hours for me to assemble this structure without much problems. After is was completely assembled, I climbed to make sure that there were no loose connections (I weigh 195 lbs). Here are some pictures I took:


I am really stoked about this playground equipment because the way it was carefully designed and manufactured shows in the final product.

And I fully expect my kids to enjoy this piece of equipment, even after I build them a tree house.

Kids will be off from school soon so buy the Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Play Center (Earth tone) and assemble it for them right away. I promise you will get some bonus points from your wife.

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Thanks and good luck!