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Technical Specifications for John Deere, Murray and Simplicity snowblowers

John Deere 1330SE Specification Overview


Simplicity L1630E Specification Overview


Monday 1st of February 2021

Hello, GREAT information. Thanks. I am going to buy a couple of reserve belts for me 2011 JD 1330 SE. After looking at the belt part numbers you listed and the link at Amazon, I notice some makers belts have "teeth" on them, and others are smooth for the 1733324SM belt. Is one preferable over another? The one you linked to on Amazon is "teethed". Thanks again, great job. Craig


Monday 1st of February 2021

Hey Craig-

Thanks for your kind words. Yeah, I should have known better to have some spare belts. I am currently getting slammed with 18" snow with 15" more to go and my JD 1330se belt broke!

Regarding the smooth vs teethed belts; the original drive belt was smooth but all new ones seem to be with teeth. The John Deere store where I frequent only carry teethed drive belts.

My guess is that teethed belts dissipate heat better due to increased surface area.

I have to go back and shovel some more snow! Kevin