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Review of Lil Ripper Stripper by Ideal Industries


I’ve been using one of those metal wire strippers for the longest time so I when I came across this little thing, I thought I would give it a try but when I saw this picture, it stopped me from buying it. Can you spot a potential danger here?

allthumbsdiy-images-lil-ripper-stripper-what-not-to-do-2-fl I am not an electrician (licensed or otherwise) but with the cover panel off, I see bare hands next to those main lugs which I believe remain energized even with the main breaker in the off position. Of course, whoever took the picture must have pulled the meter outside for this lovely picture but for a newbie DIYer like me, misleading pictures like this really pisses me off.

So for heaven’s sake, skip this dud and buy yourself couple (I always lose them) of Gardner Bender CR-100 4-Inch Romex Cable Ripper, Metallic and strip that cable sheathing OUTSIDE the main panel.

Think ahead and stay safe!


Saturday 12th of May 2018

Kevin, you are correct to advise your DIY followers to never work on hot wires. Inside or outside of the panel, regardless of brand or style of stripper being used.

For work on non-energized Type-NM Cable (such as Romex(r) brand) the IDEAL Lil' Ripper Stripper is a great DIY tool. Unlike old fashion stamped steel strippers with their exposed fang-like slitting tooth, the LRS has an internal slitting tooth that makes the slitting operation safer, faster, and more accurate. In addition, the tool has a Sheathing Cut-Off Blade and an Insulation Stripping Blade (both recessed for safety). Turn the tool around and it offers two Wire Looping Holes and if you are using wing-type twist-on wire connectors, it holds the connectors for easier insertion and twisting of the wires.

Safer. Faster. Easier. A great DIY wiring tool.


Tuesday 22nd of May 2018

Hi Bruce-

Thank you for your thoughtful comment!