Installing a New Subpanel – Part 3

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Installing a New Subpanel is a multi-part series article, broken into Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (you are here), Part 4 and Part 5.


Now that I have mapped out what needed to be done, I visited my town hall and with the help from the counter lady, I completed the permit application and attached several drawings along with a check for $43.

Once submitted, I waited approximately 3 days to receive the permit approval before purchasing my materials.

I fully expect that upon final inspection, my township will raise my property taxes but rather than doing this project “off-the-books”, I decided to do it the right way because it would potentially cause problems down the road if I decide to sell this house.

Of course, as a novice do-it-yourselfer, I definitely wanted a professional checking over my work to ensure that I was not endangering me or my family.


As previously stated, I decided to go with a service entrance cable made of aluminum cable. That meant I needed to use anti-corrosion lube called Noalox. This lube is NOT necessary should you decide to proceed with copper feeder cable.

Everything on the list below was purchased from a local home improvement retailer, with the exception of the service entrance cable and Noalox. These two items were purchased from a electric contractor supply store (Hughs Turtle in Somerville, NJ).

Manufacturer Description SKU Qty Retail
Price (each)
SQUARE D 100amp Circuit Breaker QO2100CP 1


SQUARE D Value Pack Panel (1) QO2100CP 1


NEXANS Aluminum SE Cable 2-2-2-4 (2) QO2100CP 70 ft


None 2×2 lumber QO2100CP 2




SQUARE D Equipment Grounding Bar Kit PK18GTA 2


HUBBELL Electrical Box QO2100CP 1 $12.99
HUBBELL Box Cover QO2100CP 1 $12.99
Generic Bolt & Nut, 2 washers QO2100CP 8 $12.99
Generic NM Connector (1”) QO2100CP 1 $12.99
Generic Wire Tight (3/4”) QO2100CP 1 $12.99
DECKMATE 1.5” Screws QO2100CP 8 $12.99
Generic 3×5 ¾” Plywood (3) QO2100CP 2 $12.99
Generic Small Can of Black paint QO2100CP 1 $12.99
SQUARE D Neutral Lug Kit QO70AN 1 $12.99
Generic 200 grit sand paper QO2100CP 1 $12.99
IDEALS Noalox Anti-Oxidant Compound #30-024 1 $12.99
HUBBELL ¾” Offset connector QO2100CP 1 $12.99
HUBBELL Offset connector washers v 1 $12.99
ROMEX 12 AWG wire (20 amp) v 4 ft v



  • Came with 5 circuit breakers (Four 20 amp, One 15 amp)
  • 2-2-2-4 stands for AWG2-AWG2-AWG2-AWG4 wire sizes. Two AWG2 are used as “hot” conductors, One AWG2 is used as a “neutral” conductor and AWG4 is used as a “ground” conductor
  • Plywood size should be customized to your needs. My township required that each side had 6 inches of clearance and the top side had 8 inches of clearance


  • Various screwdrivers
  • Pliers
  • Electric wire stripper
  • Electric wire cutter
  • Knife
  • Magnetic torpedo level

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