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What you need to cut tile after installation

I have been updating my master bedroom bathroom and because I was running out of time, I hurried instead of thinking about what I was doing.

Can you see what I did wrong in this picture?

Tiling mistake – how to fix it

That’s right. I made a dumb mistake of tiling all the way up to the edge of the door frame, leaving no room for the door trim! I actually thought I could shave off the back side of the door trim to make it work but after finally thinking about the problem, I decided to try to cut out the excess tiles.

Because the area was rather tight, I couldn’t just use my circular saw with a diamond blade (which costs around $100 bucks, yikes!) so I looked around and found that this little masonry circular saw was used by pros:

DeWalt Dry Wet Tile Saw DWC860W

It comes with a 4″ diamond blade and the saw spins at amazing 10,000 RPM! And it is on sale for around 150 bucks shipped (click here to check the latest price) so I am going to grab one and try it out. 

In addition to the saw, I highly recommend a face shield as this blade spins so fast, you want to make sure to protect your entire face, not just your eyes.  If you don’t have a face shield, Amazon has a relatively inexpensive model like this DeWalt DPG55-11C Clear Anti-Fog Protective Safety Glasses with Dual-Injected Rubber Frame and Temples for under 15 bucks.

If you prefer a pair of non-tinted safety glasses, check out DeWalt DPG52-1C Contractor Pro Clear High Performance Lightweight Protective Safety Glasses which is under 8 bucks.

I will post a follow up after my attempt so come back soon!

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