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First Time Building a Backyard Ice Rink – Ice Condition January 17


First Time Building a Backyard Ice Rink is a multi-part articles: Day 1 – Initial Planning, Day 2 – Construction, Day 3 – Filling with Water, Day 4 – Second Layer of Ice, Day 5 – Skating Time and Day 6 – Finally Ready.



On average, the temperature hovered around 38-40 degrees but surprisingly, the rink is holding up very nicely without adding more water.

The far corner sank about 1/8 inch due to water leaking but overall, kids are able to use the entire rink – and it is amazing how quickly they learn to skate 🙂allthumbsdiy-backyard-ice-rink-ice-condition-2015-01-17

Based on this picture, I am getting my money’s worth, don’t you think?

Next week is supposed to get colder, so I will take that opportunity to add some water at night.

PS – If you are looking for children’s skates, I highly recommend adjustable skates (Adjustable Ice Skates for Kids Women Men This is the second year of use, and it should last next season as well!