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First Time Building a Backyard Ice Rink – Day 4 Second Layer of Ice

AllThumbsDIY - Outdoor Backyard Ice Rink Day 4

Temperature is still hovering below freezing so I am going to attempt to lay down a second (thinner) layer of ice. It should be a very cold night.

I’ve broken up my DIY Backyard Ice Rink project into multiple posts:

Building Steps

I had hoped the rink would freeze during the 8 degree winter night, but lo and behold, the ice was not solid near the ground surface.

In addition, quite a bit of leaves somehow got embedded everywhere. Instead of cracking the ice and digging them out, I decided to lay down and second layer of ice to see if I can cover them up and at the same time, smooth out the surface.

  • Using a metal snow shovel (Garant YSP24DU Yukon 24-Inch Steel Blade Snow Pusher works really well or you can buy a plastic shovel with metal tip), I scraped the ice surface to remove any irregularities and some leaves.
  • Hook up the hose and fill the rink with some more water. Unlike the first time, the surface is pretty level so I actually sprayed the surface by moving around the hose
  • We are expecting another 8 degree night, though tomorrow will be in the low 30’s so I hope the ice will be ready for skating!

NEXT POST: Day 5 – Skating Time

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