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Sudden Loud Squeaking High Pitch Noise with Whirlpool Duet Dryer Model GGW9250su0


After a brief power outage, I turned on my dryer again, only to find that it suddenly started making this awful, high-pitched, rubber squeaking, screeching and metal grinding sounds.

Initially, I thought the belt alignment was off (I blamed the noise on the power outage), but after a quick poking around, it looks like either my idler pulley or the bearings on drum support rollers were going bad. Since my 7 year old Whirlpool Duet washer quit on me about 2 months ago and I had to replace it, I wasn’t really surprised to see my dryer having problems (sigh).

Rather than spending $1000s to buy another gas dryer, I am going to attempt to fix it. But first I need to get some parts and a tool first:

I would NOT order Whirlpool 4392067 Repair Kit for Dryer. This kit is NOT a genuine Whirlpool OEM

Once these parts come in, I will post a follow-up article.(repair article is up – How to Fix Squeaking Noise From Whirlpool Duet Gas Dryer)


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